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  1. 94fourdoor

    a4ld to Manual M50D Swap How-to

    Click here to go to the new thread with pictures! This is the old thread and since photobucket changed their policy, the pictures were dead links. I moved all the pictures and info to a new thread so it can help people for years to come. This is my rough draft of my first how to thread. I...
  2. T

    need some help. Picking up 79 bronco axle

    I am needing some help. I am picking up a 79 bronco front axle. I have a friend who will help me shorten the width to the same as the rear. My question is this. will my hubs from my current front axles swap to the bronco axle? I want to keep the same lug pattern up front as the rear since i...
  3. L

    Cummins 4bt swap?

    I am pretty much obsessed with diesel engines. Has anyone heard of a person swapping the Cummins 4bt in to an Explorer? Will it fit without a body lift? How does the 745lb weight of the 4bt compare with the 4.0? Should I keep dreaming of this swap or throw away the dream before before I...
  4. D

    Leaf spring swap, 99 to later

    Ive searched and searched the forums, but can not find anything. My 99 leaf springs are sagging, theyre just the crap monoleaf ones. Ive read lots about doing the AAL, but what about just upgrading to leaf springs from a later model EX. I think those are a multileaf pack. Anyone have any info on...
  5. B

    4th Gen Front Seats in a 3rd Gen Explorer

    I have an 03 XLS with the gray cloth buckets and I really don't like the seats. I'm thinking about swapping them for seats from a 4th gen (2006 - 10) Explorer or Mountaineer or possibly from an Aviator. I'm particularly interested in swapping in the cooled seats from an Aviator, has anyone...
  6. S

    help help want to install 2004 4.0 into 2000 explorer

    how hard to install 2004 4.0 into my 2000 explorer 4x4 the motor is out of 2004 4x4 explorer help thank you
  7. willindsay

    New seats

    Hey I just bought a white 94 limited for 1500. It has leather seats that are pretty worn. I found these on craigslist http://knoxville.craigslist.org/pts/1770741616.html how easy would it be to put these in my explorer or is it not possible.
  8. 1

    V8 swap quetions

    Ok so i got a great deal on a 5.0 x 2wd and im lookin to swap it into my first gen and im on a pretty tight budget as most. i have read many post of others swap but so far i still havent found the easiest way to do the wiring. im willing to get rid of everything emissions wise if i could just...
  9. M

    Transfer case swap.

    i have a 1995 ford explorer I was under their last night and found out i have the 4405 t-case. I unfortunately do not want to have this t-case because i have a dana 30 and i wound like a part time transfer case instead of a full time. my question is, wich transfer case do i swap in and what...
  10. N

    Transmission Compatability

    I know a guy who has a '98 SOHC and wanted to know other than '98 whether any other years match up the same in the 5R55E. Would a '99 work? '01? '97? You get the idea. Let me know what you think ASAP.
  11. K

    Fuel Level Input Sensor Bad? need fuel pump?

    so i have had an issue for a couple of weeks now and noticed that it has gotten worse and worse. at first i thought it was my trransmission going bad after it was just rebuilt with 10k miles on it. but then a week later it wasn;t just at WOT but even at idle it just boggs alot. final aafter...
  12. O

    Leaf Spring Swap - Sport Trac to 2nd Generation Explorers

    Has anyone tried to swap rear leaf springs from a 1st generation sport trac (2001 to 2005) on to a 2nd generation explorer (1995 - 2001)? I researched a little bit about doing this and have found out the following information: 95-01 Explorer Distance from the Front Spring Eye to Center...
  13. C

    1997 to 1999 Explorer transmission swap Can i eliminate vss on my 1997? HELP

    Hi i have a 1997 ford Explorer Sport 4.0 Sohc. I recently bought a transmission from a 1999 Explorer. The transmissions are a exact match besides the 97 has a vss hole the 1999 does not. I would like to use the 99 trans i got it for a good price and do not have funds to buy another trans. I...
  14. kyleq805

    92 explorer front end

    i have been thinking about installing a full size bronco front suspension on my 1992 explorer xlt 4wd. i was wondering if anyone has done this to their explorers or rangers. and if so on the coil buckets and radious arm bracket and arms did anyone use the fabtech mounts or make the bronco/ f150...
  15. J

    SVT/Cobra engine swap advice needed.

    Interested in swaping a 4.6 SVT or cobra 32 valves in my Explorer 2002 (4.0) I would like to have some imput here. Since I have easy access to parts (i.e. complete engine and trans, etc) what I need is technical advice. Somebody that either did it or try it before. Thanks
  16. T

    HELP! 93 PCM in a 94? Egr problems...

    Hi everybody- This site has helped me greatly, so I thought I'd join. I own a 94 4.0 4x4 explorer. It needed an engine swap, so I just put a 91 engine in it (My dad wrecked his 91 with a good engine, so it was the only one available). The 94 had EGR but the 91 didn't, and now I'm pulling an...
  17. A

    2000 Limited Seats into 1996 EB

    I want to install a full set of 2000 Limited seats into a 1996 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I know that the 2000 has a different power seat setup. The seats in the 96 only receive power from the connector under the seat, while the Limited seats have a memory function and are somehow connected to the...
  18. K

    computer help! how do i go about matching a replacement computer?

    hello, this is my first post. i have been glancing at this forum for a while and now that i made sa mistake i am wondering if anyone can help me soon with my question. basically i need to know what all to match up in replacing my pcm/ecu/ecm whatever you call it (they are the sam e thing...
  19. R

    1994 Ranger diff swap

    Hello all. First post here and I hope that I am posting this in the right spot. I have a 94 ranger 5 speed and want to swap out the diff to 3:73's so that I can pull my trailer easier. (so far what I have read this is the gear ratio I should be swaping to) I have found forums on this but still...
  20. W

    Motor for a 99 Explorer Sport

    Alright...so here's the deal. I have a 99 Explorer Sport with the 4.0 OHV with a 5 speed. My wrist pin is bad in my first cyl OR my crank shaft is starting to wear on the bushings with results in a rattling annoying ass noise. And the motor has 119K miles on it already, which would make it...
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  24. '99 V8 AWD Chassis

    '99 V8 AWD Chassis

    Here is the donor chassis. Actually, the whole thing is going under my '96 body, so I guess its more like a replacement than a donor!