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swapping parts

  1. C

    4R70W Interchangeability

    Ive read thread after thread looking for a definitive answer to this question. Will any 4r70w from a rwd mustang, crown vic, or even a f150 bolt up to my 1999 5.0 rwd explorer
  2. D

    advice needed re. 5R55S parts swap . . .

    I have two 2002 Ford Explorers built in June 2002--a 4wd XLT (doner vehicle, 116k miles) and rwd (restored XLS, 177k miles). I pulled the (good) engine from the doner truck, replaced all timing chains/cassettes/guides/tensioners; and am about to install in the 2wd XLS. Both vehicles have the...
  3. M

    Parts from a 2004 Ford Explorer that can be used in a 2001 Ford Sport Trac

    Hello, My sister had a 2004 Ford Explorer, but unfortunately the transmission went, and shes getting a new car. I know that the 2001 Sport Tracs were based on the previous generation explorer, and this may be a longshot but what parts can i use from the 2004 explorer for my sport trac? Im...