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sway bar links

  1. Y

    suspension system problemss!!

    i am planning to buy 2020 or 2021 explorer, but 3 of my friends have explorer (2014-2015-2017) complain about the entire suspension system. Sway bar links, Strut mounts, shock absorber, Control arms and bushings even engine mountings... and other parts also. these parts keep wear out faster...
  2. W

    2005 4wd Explorer that needs sway bar linkages replaced, money is very tight.

    High from Kane, PA, land of cold and snow. My son has my 2005 4wd Explorer at Westminster college in New Wilmington. I just found out that the torsion/sway bar links are broke and need replaced. I prefer to do myself as every penny counts as I am basically retired due to health reasons. I'm...
  3. P

    Question about sway bar end link lengths; experiences with 1AAuto

    My '03 needs a lot of front end work and my local shop (who I normally trust 100%) quoted me an insanely high price to replace both front upper control arms, both front lower ball joints, both front inner/outer toe rods, and all four strut/coil assemblies, along with my rear sway bar end links...
  4. D

    Sway Bar Links Question

    Hi all, This forum is encouraging me to have confidence in working on my Ex myself, but so far I've just done little things, such as wiring. I haven't even done an oil change myself. :help: I noticed today one of my front sway bar links is nonexistent and I want this to be my first...
  5. Brian1

    Brian1's Suspension Upgrades

    For over 8 years now I have been running a Skyjacker 2" lift kit. During this period of time I have replaced too many radius arm bushings since the kit does not have radius arm drop brackets and they wear out rather fast. My current bushings were getting worn and I wanted to do something...
  6. S


    :thumbsup: Hey just registered to this cool site! I just bought a 98 Explorer Sport. I had a 93 Sport but was forced to get rid of it. So I found a black 98 and I like it even more! The front end was squeaking so I took a look and found the sway link bushings were gone. I replaced with new links...
  7. MountaineerGreen

    List of Useful Threads MountaineerGreen's "How To" Writeup List

    Suspension & Steering Upper Control Arm Ball Joint Lower Ball Joint Replacement Loose Steering Inner Tie Rod Replacement Leaf Spring Removal & Installation Shock Replacement Explorer/Mountaineer/Sport Trac/Ranger Custom Ani-Sway Bar Links- Cheap Engine Modifications 1"...