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sway bar

  1. are6rider

    Started Youtube Channel...

    ...and posted a few of the videos I made for installation and some of the work I've done. New to the whole YouTube channel stuff and my videos are all uncut and unedited...on purpose. I let you as a viewer decide what to fast forward through, LOL. I also do work on Harley's so I have those...
  2. T

    longer swaybar links for lift in front.

    with the BTF and truxx lift my sway bar bushings are getting anhilated. trying to put in new pushings is nearly impossible even with the LCA being pressed up with a jack. i need longer bolts. or something. anyone have any luck or ideas. would grade 8 bolts work i can order them online for a few...
  3. D

    Hellwig 7648 Sway Bar question

    I have a question about what the sway bar for a 1st Gen Trac should look like. I was able to buy the discontinued Hellwig 7648 Sway Bar for my old 2003 Trac just before I traded it in last month, but never installed it. I got it directly from Hellwig, after their national sales manager had the...
  4. J

    Moog PS End Link Bushings Downgraded?

    I bought a pair of Moog K700542 Problem Solver front end links on Rockauto. It appears as though they have downgraded the bushings. What they claim is polyurethane, and picture solid bushings like the following: What I received instead, looks like they tried to downgrade to thermoplastic...
  5. M

    Swaying on the highway!

    Recently replaced my PS Gearbox because there was play in the gearbox and also it was leaking from the gearbox and I was tired of refilling my PS fluid. 2 questions resulted from this... 1. After replacing, the steering wheel is slightly cocked to the left now. How is this possible? There is...
  6. A

    Finding EE Sway Bar or having a custom bent up?

    Hey guys, I've recently been looking around on the forum in my spare time and there's an item that'd I'd love to have, but as far as I can see isn't in production anymore. So, do you guys know of any place to find an EE rear sway bar? Is having one bent out of 1.25" or maybe even 1.5" pipe an...
  7. M

    Some under carriage issues 03 explorer xlt

    Hi all, I just did some recent inspection into a rattle that is making a lot of noise in the front end. I have a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT AWD. I jacked it up and looked under the front end area and found a few concerns. 1. The shop replaced the sway bar end links a month or two ago but never...
  8. M

    Rattling when going over bumps

    Hi everyone! I am the proud owner of a 2003 Explorer xlt. I've been having a rattle issue lately in the front end when going over a certain type of bump. It seems it occurs after hitting the bump and the tires fall back to make contact with the ground. (In other words it usually only rattles...
  9. 2

    Rear sway bar links

    I want to change my rear sway bar links but I'm unable to jack the vehicle up at the moment since I have a sloped driveway. I can get to them just fine with the spare tire removed and figured I'd just do it with the wheels on the ground. Is it safe to do that? Or is it dangerous to unbolt the...
  10. N

    Bushings and Lift Kit thoughts

    So I just had to replace my front sway bar bushings because one was completely destroyed when the previous owner had it... and I want to tackle the sway bar links (at least thats what I think they are) the bones connected directly to the sway bar....what exactly will it improve as I can clearly...
  11. D

    Sway Bar End Link and Bushing Replacement

    Hey guys, So here is a video on how to replace the sway bar end links and body bushings on our trucks! Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube (it helps me out, thanks)*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnrARhxhaSo
  12. L

    Polyurethane Bushings

    I'd like to replace the bushings on my 2013 Sport with polyurethane bushings. My favorite supplier, Hotchkis, do not offer bushings for the Sport. Has anyone found a supplier for these?
  13. M

    Sway Bar Question

    Hi, I have a 1998 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 with 150,000 miles on it and I am looking to replace the sway bars. I have been told that one of the sway bars is solid and one is hollow. I would like to replace the hollow bar with a solid one. Does anyone know which bar is hollow and also who...
  14. B

    Gangster Lean (Sway Bar, Leaf Springs or Torsion Rods first?) [PICS]

    Howdy All! I have the dreaded Gangster Lean on my 2000 AWD Mountaineer (125k miles). It's leaning 7/8" lower on the drivers side front, an:usd 3/4" lower on the drivers side rear. The tires were toast and it was pulling to the right, so I replaced all four tires and it drives more or less...
  15. S

    Sway Bar

    This may sound stupid but..........Are the sway bar ends supposed to be attached to the sway bar links?:rolleyes: I was just reading Sticky's thread on cv replacement. When I saw his pics (awesome btw) I noticed his sway bar end was attached to a post (link). My 98 sport 4x4 sway bar ends are...
  16. Damage82

    Sway Bar missing clips

    Went to get my oil changed and mechanic told me that both the clips for the sway bar were missing. I replaced my front wheels and have been getting a sick vibration in the front. I had it balanced and it helped out a little but still bad on highways. Im not the most mechaniclly inclined and Im...
  17. loner4u69

    Spring over shock mounts. Pics?

    [/B]OK I wanna see how you guys did your rear shock mounts on your 8.8 spring over. Can you keep your rear sway bar in? I have 9inches total lift do i really need the rear sway bar? It has the death rock down the freeway. I can only guess what it will do if I take the sway bar out. Any and all...
  18. M

    Need help removing broken sway bar end links

    Hello, I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT, AWD. Both of my front sway bar end links have broke. The nut on the top seemed to have popped off as well as the bushings. What I have left is the bottom bushings and a nut. I tried loosening this nut but it keeps turning. I hosed it down with WD-40...
  19. C

    4" Superlift problems

    So I have been riding my 4" superlift for awhile now. First I must say never take your truck to 4 wheel parts. they are horrible mechanics and have horrible customer service. anyways I have just isolated the noise I have been hearing ever since. the extended sway bar drop links, the ones that go...
  20. C

    Sway Bar Torque Specs

    I just replaced the bushings for both my sway bars yesterday but i haven't been able to find the torque specs or how tight to tighten down the rear sway bar, for now it's a little higher (24 ft.-lbs.) than the front sway bar but can anyone verify it for me? Thanks