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sway bars

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    How to: Replacing Shocks & Sway Bars on a 1999 Explorer (lots of pics!)

    Hey everyone. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XL. My suspension has been driving me nuts this winter. It finally got warm enough outside for me to do something about the crappy suspension (I had cheap shocks in the rear - twin-tubes.. :( ) Anyway, here goes. Here are all of the parts that I got...
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    front end clunk????

    Sooooo I have a 92 sport 4x4 i get a clunk sound everytime i get on or off the brakes!!!! i just changed the ball joints, wheel bearings, outer tie rod ends, and installed some warn manual hubs with conversion. this clunk also happens when i'm up to speed and quickly come off the gas (dunno if...
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    Sway bars and such..... help???

    I've looked a little and didnt really find what I needed to know I know someone can help me out on here! lol So my sway bar bushings and the small extensions that hold it to the the truck are shot but, I dont know what parts to ask for when i go to autozone. I had no problem finding the...
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    suspension questions...

    lookin at getting some new sway bar bushings...will they help with handling at all or are they just worth it when mine really go bad??? also lookin for some new shocks, i was looking at procomp es3000's. suggestions???? i dd it to school and am looking to do some minor wheeling...