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sync 3

  1. J

    Installing a flat screen on a recessed model

    I have a 2012 Ford Explorer. How hard is it to modify the brackets so you can use a flat screen vs a recessed one. Upgrading from Sync 2 to 3. I just want to know what level of difficulty it is before I spend the $$ on all the parts. Thanks!
  2. F

    Bluetooth suddenly stopped working

    Yes I tried searching, but got 4,000+ threads, and the first 15 or so didn't really help me. I'm not sure what else to try, or if anyone else has a similar issue. The Ex is a 2018 Limited with Nav. I've only had it 2 months, but it has 45k miles so no warranty, thus a trip to the dealership...
  3. B

    Sync 3 bracket modification

    I have a 2014 Explorer that I am doing a Sync 3 upgrade on. I purchased a square/flat sided screen despite knowing that I have a recessed screen in my Explorer (hey, it was a great deal). I've seen people modify the brackets to make it work but when I looked back on it that was in an F150. So...
  4. L

    Sync 3 - No GPS or AM/FM Radio ?

    I have a 2017 Ford Explorer Limited, running latest Sync 3 software. The GPS and Radio for AM and FM just stopped working one morning. None of the stations can be found, just static. Android auto works. I tried several master resets without any luck. This model has a stock fin antenna on the...
  5. J

    2015 Explorer Sport - upgrading Sync 2 to Sync 3 - have few ?'s

    So I found out about the Sync 3 from a friend with a 2017 F-150. I did research and found I could upgrade my 2015 Explorer Sport w/ Sync 2. I've purchased a Sync 3 screen from a 2018 Flex (GB5T-18B955-SC), plus the other parts (usb hub, GPS antenna, ODB2 MS/HS, the correct wiring adapter, pry...
  6. V

    SYNC 3 latest version

    Hi All What's the latest version of SYNC 3...? the available version on my XLT 2017 is 2.0 but it doesn't support external navigation applications like Sygic which requires higher version
  7. B

    sync 3 V2.0

    Just received my 2017 Limited with the sync 3 system. I don't like the phone portion In the lower right corner of the home screen. Is there any way to disable or hide that?