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sync2 update

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    2014 Explorer USB Media Hub Upgrade for Sync 3 to support Android Auto or Apple Car Play

    Hello Explorer Community, I drive a 2014 Ford Explorer limited and have recently upgrade my Sync 2 MFT system to the Sync 3 system, and upgraded the software to Sync 3 V3.4. I used the Sync 3 screen and APIM from a 2017 Ford Escape and the upgrade went well. However, my stock 2014 explorer...
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    911 Assist missing after SYNC Update

    Hello all, I have a 2013 Ford Explorer Limited that I took to my local Ford dealer for the SYNC2 update, it is now at the current version, SYNC2 v3.10. And after getting it back I have an issue that actually could be an INCREDIBLY important problem if I have an accident. Before the upgrade my...