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    2014 Explorer USB Media Hub Upgrade for Sync 3 to support Android Auto or Apple Car Play

    Hello Explorer Community, I drive a 2014 Ford Explorer limited and have recently upgrade my Sync 2 MFT system to the Sync 3 system, and upgraded the software to Sync 3 V3.4. I used the Sync 3 screen and APIM from a 2017 Ford Escape and the upgrade went well. However, my stock 2014 explorer...
  2. B

    sync 3 which maps are installed?

    is there a way to know which maps are installed? I've checked the system and other than the version can't get much more. I'd like cross a few borders so I want to make sure which maps are installed and which ones aren't so I can buy the missing ones. It's a 2017 sync3 explorer limited.
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    Navigation outside US or Canada

    I have just bought a MY2017 Ford Explorer Sport (great car, my choice was an overpriced Landrover Discovery 5 - I live in London, England - or Ford Explorer Sport ... Ford won hands down). I would like to view navigation maps on my Sync 3 screen (I am currently running v2.0 but will attempt to...
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    sync 3 V2.0

    Just received my 2017 Limited with the sync 3 system. I don't like the phone portion In the lower right corner of the home screen. Is there any way to disable or hide that?