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tail light

  1. 2

    One strip of the LED Tail Light is out

    SO the other day my buddy noticed that one of the 3 led light strips for my brake lights on my FPIU was not illuminating when activated. When I had bought this FPIU it did have so standing water in the tail light so I took off the tail light and drained it out. I think some water may have gotten...
  2. DemonMudder

    My WIP '99 Explorer

    Working my way towards making her all blacked out, first the headlights and taillights, now the grille and brush guard. Working towards full offroader!
  3. S

    Remove high mounted 3rd brake light

    Does anybody know hows to remove the 3rd brake light? I have search here but dont quite understand without pictures. Anything helps Thank you
  4. H

    The weirdest camera there ever was (installing a back up cam)

    I would directly mention this is not meant to be the most efficient or professional install of a back up camera, this is just a crazy idea I had and something I thought would be fun to do and leave me with a working backup camera should I ever need it. Without further ado.... Hi all, I am...
  5. S

    turn signal blinks fast, intermittent?

    My 03 explorer has a bit of a minor issue. Sometimes, the left turn signal blinks fast, sometimes it doesn't. I had my brother turn on hazards, brakes headlights etc. when signal was "hyper flashing". When headlights are on, everything looks fine from all around. When i put hazards on, front end...
  6. N

    LED Reverse Lights

    I'm looking to replace the regular bulbs with LED's. I own a 2008 Explorer XLT I believe it's been done before but how would I go about removing the tail lights in order to actually remove and replace the bulb? Is there anything else I should know? Thanks.
  7. NickyB

    2016 Explorer Hideaway Bulbs / LED's / Strobes

    Hey everyone, I've been unable to find anything regarding hideaway bulbs in a 2016 Explorer. I was looking to add the hideaways in the tail lights in 1 of 2 locations; I was hoping someone has drilled into these before and knows more of what to expect once going through the first layer of...
  8. B

    Right rear brake light not working

    Hey y'all so my folks have a 2015 Ford Explorer XLT but the thing is they have one tail light cracked. They did not see any need to replace it as the crack was not noticeable and all the lights worked. The problem was that we recently had some heavy rain and now it water actually slipped...
  9. B

    Replace headlight assembly 2015 explorer

    I have searched this forum and google/youtube for instructions on how to replace the head and tail light assemblies for a 2015 ford explorer xlt halogen with no luck at all. Can anyone link/point in me in the right direction?
  10. D

    Both tail lights flash with turn signals

    I recently replaced all front and rear turn signals and the tail/brake lights with LEDs. I got an EP27 LED relay from Advance Auto, so there's no rapid flashing. The only problem is that now when I use my turn signal, both front turn signals flash (as if I had the hazards on) and both rear...
  11. G

    How to Replace 2011 Explorer Drivers Tail Light Assembly

    Someone backed into my driver's side tail light assembly and cracked it. The dealership wanted $500 for the part alone so I bought one online for half that. The problem is that the original part has a wire harness that is INSIDE the rear quarter panel. The replacement part looks great but i...
  12. R

    Headlight/Tailight Tint

    Hello All, I'm considering tinting(smoking) my headlights and tailights on my Platinum White 2013 Explorer as I look to give it a darker look by tinting windows/lights and painting my rims black but had a few questions I was hoping someone could help me out with. First, is the film a...
  13. P

    tail light lens assy removal... Am I a being an idiot?

    Gotta tell ya I'm really pissed off at this point. I have spent 20 minutes trying to get the tailight lens out. 60 minutes poring over the shop manuals. The genuine, green FORD factory service manuals. There is nothing in them on removing the tail light assys. So I started a search...
  14. T

    Tailight and Headlight Assemblies

    I have a 1996 Eddie Bauer edition explorer and I am looking to get new taillight assemblies, I have heard that the ones for the Eddie Bauer and XLT are different but they look the same to me, so I wanted to ask just to be sure. Also, I am looking at getting new headlight assemblies too, and want...
  15. T

    Tail Light Guard Install

    Hello everyone, I am trying to install my Tail Light Guards and I am having the hardest time trying to install them. To the brackets go on the inside of the metal wall with the light or over the metal? I tried searching for a good picture or a install, but couldn't find anything. Can anyone get...
  16. R

    4th Gen Tail Lights on 3rd Gen X

    I've read here and there, that the newer tail lights on '06+ Ex's will fit (the body) on the 02-05... but with some wiring modification (I think the 4th gen tail light has 3 Bulbs instead of 2). Has anyone tried this and possibly have pics??? I've looked at other aftermarket ones and I...
  17. S

    I need help with fitment of tail lights.

    i am looking for new tail lights that already have alot of black to it and preferably already have leds in it too. i found some on ebay and i asked the guy if it would fit my explorer ('02 sport 2dr) and he says yes but i notice on the picture it doesnt have the little thing on top to screw...