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    Brake line sizes and muffler suggestion

    I am replacing brake lines on our B2300, does anyone know the diameter of the brake lines from the ABS to the rear splitter? I replaced the ones from the rear splitter to the brake cylinders with 3/16" Nickel Copper to prevent rust, the issue which initiated a brake line replacement in the first...
  2. R

    Muffler replacement?? What type?

    Looking to replace my stock muffler with a Cherry Bomb glasspack. Any suggestions as to which model length and width to buy. Also if theres a better substitute for a Cherry Bomb please let me know. 1st post, sorry ifnotin the right forum.
  3. V

    What are the differences? Exhaust.

    I've had my '99 EX EB for a couple weeks now. It needed some exhaust work so I was scanning threads for information. A few people claimed to have a helluva time getting the tailpipe section into place. I put a new muffler and tailpipe on and threading the tailpipe through was one of the...
  4. M

    Oxygen sensor; replaced, now runs rough & "check engine"

    Took my 1992 Ford Explorer XLT (4-door, auto 4WD, auto tran, 4.0 V6) for smog test (California) and it failed. It seemed to run fine, and indeed everything passed EXCEPT "NO (PPM)" -- Max 699, measured 2342! So, it's a "GROSS POLLUTER." (I now suspect this was caused by an unoticed missing 8"...
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    How to install a tailpipe?

    Hi everyone, My tailpipe rusted off my '91 4x4 explorer. After looking under it, it turns out I had to replace everything up to the catalytic converter. I got all the pieces off... Hard part - putting the new ones on. Has anyone had any experience putting the tailpipe/resonator on? I...