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temp sensor

  1. S

    Coolant Temp Sensor Popping Out

    2007 Explorer V6. Had the typical leaky thermostat housing, so replaced it with a metal one. Put temperature sensor back in and used OEM spring clip. A few days later smoke starts billowing out from under the hood: temp sensor had popped out. Put back in and secure with clip...Next day, same...
  2. M

    The Dreaded Leaking Thermostat Housing...

    I recently did my intake manifold gaskets and while I was there, I replaced the stupid leaking upper thermostat housing. It had been leaking around the gasket for some time and with coolant at $20 per now, I figured it was a good $15 investment. All said and done, I buttoned it all up and...
  3. T

    Temperature Sensor Keeps coming out!

    I have a 2005 V6 Explorer. Yesterday I gunned the engine to get around someone on the highway and all of a sudden I smelled coolant and saw a leaking trail coming from behind my car as I drove down the highway. I pulled over and popped the hood and there was coolant everywhere and I saw that...
  4. BigRondo

    How to: Replace 3rd Gen Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

    This topic comes up quite a bit, especially in the winter months. I took some pictures today to show someone in another thread where it was located and how to replace it. That led to this write up. I hope this will make short work out of changing the sensor. I got my sensor from the dealer...