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thermostat housing

  1. M

    coolant leak. Thermostat housing gasket

    I just replaced my Thermostat . The engine is running 20 degrees hotter. Now my thermostat housing gaskets are leaking. This diagram calls for parts 7 and 8. I have not found these parts in the engine cooing section of the service manual. Auto zone was able to sell me part number 7 and orlies...
  2. M

    2005 Ford Explorer 4.6L thermostat replaced. Burping air out

    I just replaced the thermostat with a OEM thermostat from Ford per recommendation from a smog tech due to code 0128. I am in the process of burping the air out. Does anyone have any ingenious ideas on how to burp the air out besides driving up a steep hill or squeezing the big rubber hose ...
  3. N

    What do you guys think about this Thermostat Housing unit?

    Ok so I just got home from my local AutoZone having spent $75 for a thermostat housing unit. I open up the box and the bolts have rust all over them and there's a gap between the housing and the housing cover. I'm not sure but is it supposed to look like this? My flashlight shines right through...
  4. M

    The Dreaded Leaking Thermostat Housing...

    I recently did my intake manifold gaskets and while I was there, I replaced the stupid leaking upper thermostat housing. It had been leaking around the gasket for some time and with coolant at $20 per now, I figured it was a good $15 investment. All said and done, I buttoned it all up and...
  5. C

    97 XLT 4.0 SOHC - Coolant drip on passenger-side, front of engine

    Original motor in this well-maintained vehicle with a lot of miles. Noticed slight overheating occasionally over the last year or so; gauge would fluctuate up very fast and then down in a few seconds, right after getting on the road. Coolant was low, so I topped it off and the problem...
  6. 3

    Replacing Cam Timing Chain Tensioner on 2000 Explorer 4.0 SOHC

    I am in doing my thermostat housing and figured its a good time to replace the timing chain spring tensioner on the left bank front since I have access to it. My question here now is that the is a pinhole in the tensioner and a 1/4" hole in the thread area for it in the head. I do take it that...
  7. D

    2001 Sport..To Sell or Not to Sell..Blown Head Gasket

    Hello I bought a 2001 Explorer Sport almost 5 months ago..200,000 miles in (seemingly) great condition inside out . I bought it from an older gentleman who seemed impeccable and very knowledgeable about cars..especially Fords. He had bought a new Ford SUV and wanted to sell his 2001...
  8. G

    Thermostat housing replacement

    2013 V6 the thermostat housing has large tube that runs under the intake manifold, how is it attached to thermostat housing? All diagrams I find end at this point. Other end of tube is hose to heater core.
  9. 3

    Thermostat Housing 2000 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 SOHC - Leak, bolt, & removal issues

    I have searched and read many posts and Youtube videos regarding this housing, common issues of the leak, and removal procedures... HOWEVER, I can not find a video with the proper steps (even the Ben Grosser link) that truly identifies the set up that I have. I will try to add pictures soon...
  10. S

    Broken thermostat housing bolt

    Hi all, I recently noticed a slight leak in the lower thermostat housing of my 2002 ford explorer. Went to the dealer for all the parts, no problem. Disconnected all the hoses and sensors, removed the top housing without a problem. When it came to the lower t-stat housing, 2 of the 3 bolts came...
  11. F

    Sensor on thermostat housing need name or a part #

    Hello, thanks for reading I have a 1995 ranger 2.3 I replaced the timing belt and all went well. Although while moving a/c compressor for space, the electrical connector that is on the thermostat housing broke now my a/c is not working the ceramic was already broke but there was two bare metal...
  12. T

    Thermostat housing bolts to what..

    Hey guys, so i want to know what the thermostat housing bolts to. The thing is that i was trying to fix the thread where the three bolts go, but apperently the drill bit broke and its flushed into the hole, so if i take out the intake manifold, and say i take out the heads... Can i take that...
  13. B

    Truck over heating

    When I arrived home last night I noticed steam coming from my hood so I opened it to check it out. The right side of my engine had antifreeze covering it and saw some splashes on the top of the hood on the right side. On the way to work this morning it overheated so I assume it spit all my...
  14. A

    Diagnostics Help – Oil Gunk in Throttle Body (with pics)

    While working on the Ex (2000 Limited 4.0 OHC) to replace the lower thermostat housing, when I removed the Air Duct from the Throttle Body (TB) I noticed a good amount of oil gunk in the TB. When I removed the hoses from the air duct I noticed a little bit of oil on the hose that connects to the...
  15. gasman6674

    Thermostat Housing/Sensors Question

    I posted this on FTE but I thought I would ask here to: I feel dumb asking this but here goes. I had the tstat housing changed due to leaking a year or more ago on my Sportrac in my Sig. I was dinking around last night as I had to change the pressure switch on the master cylinder to fix my...
  16. C

    thermostat housing help

    i have to replace my thermostat housing and been trying to find a how to with no luck can anyone help me its on a 00 x 4.0 sohc a list of what tools and just a basic how to will help if no full on ones the hardest part im have right now is with the air intake manafold