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    Engine Temp Low

    So last year I noticed my coolant gauge wouldn’t really ever budge. It’d move if I let my truck idle for awhile but not by much. Just barley touch the lower part of the C. Once the summer came I noticed if I used my ac the gauge would start rising incredibly fast. I never actually let my ac run...
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    coolant leak. Thermostat housing gasket

    I just replaced my Thermostat . The engine is running 20 degrees hotter. Now my thermostat housing gaskets are leaking. This diagram calls for parts 7 and 8. I have not found these parts in the engine cooing section of the service manual. Auto zone was able to sell me part number 7 and orlies...
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    2005 Ford Explorer 4.6L thermostat replaced. Burping air out

    I just replaced the thermostat with a OEM thermostat from Ford per recommendation from a smog tech due to code 0128. I am in the process of burping the air out. Does anyone have any ingenious ideas on how to burp the air out besides driving up a steep hill or squeezing the big rubber hose ...
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    2002 Expo cooling system boiling and OD OFF light flashing

    I am having some issues with my 02 Expo, 4.0L v6. First, some background. I bought it last April (so ~16 months ago) and it had a thermostat housing leak. Not a big one, so I didn't get around to fixing it until a few months ago. In that time I drove the truck thousands of KM without an issue...
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    What do you guys think about this Thermostat Housing unit?

    Ok so I just got home from my local AutoZone having spent $75 for a thermostat housing unit. I open up the box and the bolts have rust all over them and there's a gap between the housing and the housing cover. I'm not sure but is it supposed to look like this? My flashlight shines right through...
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    Coolant leak! Where is it coming from?

    Hey everyone. I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac 4X4. So I've been having radiator issues and the like for a while. First it was just a leaky upper hose but now I'm losing tons of coolant from somewhat near the front of the engine. I can actually see it dripping but I can't see the source. I'll...
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    I need help finding & replacing the thermostat on my 4.0L 1997 Aerostar.

    I have only been able to find information on the 3.0L thermostat location. My vehicle is a 4.0L and I can't find the thermostat. It has been running cold with the temperature only moving up a little even on the interstate but the heater still works good. Runs pretty roughly though with stalling...
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    The Dreaded Leaking Thermostat Housing...

    I recently did my intake manifold gaskets and while I was there, I replaced the stupid leaking upper thermostat housing. It had been leaking around the gasket for some time and with coolant at $20 per now, I figured it was a good $15 investment. All said and done, I buttoned it all up and...
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    97 XLT 4.0 SOHC - Coolant drip on passenger-side, front of engine

    Original motor in this well-maintained vehicle with a lot of miles. Noticed slight overheating occasionally over the last year or so; gauge would fluctuate up very fast and then down in a few seconds, right after getting on the road. Coolant was low, so I topped it off and the problem...
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    4L Coolant Gage Fluctuation

    Hi Folks, My 1995 Explorer about 6 months ago began to exhibit a temperature gage fluctuation from approx. 1/4 scale to almost 3/4 scale during a 100 mile trip I was on. This was out of the blue, after about a year and many miles of rock solid reading at the normal 1/3 range. About a year...
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    2001 Explorer Heat issue

    I know there are several posts about heat issues with the explorers, but I never seem to find a definite answer. I know each issue is different so I have been brainstorming ideas. I have a 2001 Explorer XLT with 127,000 miles and the heat seemed to be working okay when the temp was in the 20's...
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    Replacing Cam Timing Chain Tensioner on 2000 Explorer 4.0 SOHC

    I am in doing my thermostat housing and figured its a good time to replace the timing chain spring tensioner on the left bank front since I have access to it. My question here now is that the is a pinhole in the tensioner and a 1/4" hole in the thread area for it in the head. I do take it that...
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    Solved '02 - '10 V6 Thermostat housing, now available in aluminum!

    Hi, Not seeing any traffic on the original posting I'd made, I'm cross posting to this tech section for better exposure to help others who've suffered from plastic cooling system parts. Here is my recent discovery on the leaking/exploding plastic thermostat housing onst, but the V6 Explorers...
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    Pinging at 2000-3500 RPM

    To all members, If your V8 Explorer has a ping on light acceleration, typically 2000-3500 RPM, as trans upshifts, check your thermostat and or water pump and fan clutch. My 2005 Explorer Limted had been doing this for a few days now. I tried changing filling stations, even going with mid...
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    Thermostat housing has a replacement kit from Ford - It's Aluminum!

    Hi, I don't have much time to post, but here is my recent discovery on the leaking/exploding plastic thermostat housing on the V6 Explorers from approximately 2002 until approx 2010. A few comments: Using my VIN for an 06 XLT w/ V6, they've offered the AL2Z-8575-B ( AKA motorcraft RT-1220 ) It...
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    Transmission Troubleshoot

    I have searched the transmission section without seeing an answer to this. So, if the information is in there, please post a link, not just "look at the sticky", because I already have. That said, if this hasn't been covered before, I'd be surprised. I had an overheating issue. Got a busted...
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    Thermostat housing replacement

    2013 V6 the thermostat housing has large tube that runs under the intake manifold, how is it attached to thermostat housing? All diagrams I find end at this point. Other end of tube is hose to heater core.
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    1993 4.0 overheating

    Hello, new to the thread. And very sorry if this has been posted before. I also am having trouble finding info on the web. Doesnt help that im bad with technology haha. I have a bone stock 1993 explorer sport. New water pump. New thermostat. New radiator. Changed the spark plugs and although old...
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    Can't figure out why I'm overheating..a few symptoms..

    On Sunday my 2005 Explorer started overheating and I noticed the smell of burning coolant. I immediately pulled into a Walmart and noticed coolant dripping slowly..I popped the the hood and realized it was only slowly dropping because the reservoir was empty. I ran in, grabbed a bottle of leak...
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    overheating and stumped

    Hello! I am completely stumped. I have an 02 Ford Explorer sport. It was running hot and I changed the thermostat, didn't help. I also flushed and cleaned radiator, didn't help. When driving the temp gauge stays at normal but when you get out you can hear the engine and exhaust ticking from...
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    A/C & Vent Issues

    Hi, I purchased a 1996 Eddie Bauer (5.0) and the air conditioner isn't cooling and when in "vent" mode it blows warm air. Could these issues be related? Should I start with the thermostat before having the A?C looked at? Thanks in advance for your responses.:us:
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    coolant overflowing from reservoir

    I have coolant overflowing out of the overflow reservoir cap. I just bought this 1991 Explorer and seemed to be doing that already. I did a coolant flush, Blue Devil head gasket seal, and replaced the thermostat. The aftermarket gauge temp stays cold or reaches maybe 160 on occasion. I don't...
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    Thermostat housing bolts to what..

    Hey guys, so i want to know what the thermostat housing bolts to. The thing is that i was trying to fix the thread where the three bolts go, but apperently the drill bit broke and its flushed into the hole, so if i take out the intake manifold, and say i take out the heads... Can i take that...
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    2002 explorer 4.6ltr thermostat question

    recently purchased and noticing that the temp gauge barely comes above the cold line. it blows some heat but don't know if this is normal for this? should it be closer to center?
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    Thermostat headaches

    So 1992 Explorer XLT, never had an issue until yesterday. I live in saskatchewan so it gets damn cold here and driving down the highway yesterday (about 70mph) and suddenly my heater got very cold and my temp spiked into about the middle of the guage and the rpm went from about 2k to 2500 for...