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throttle body

  1. A

    Intake Manifold and Throttle Body on My Explorer

    *Sorry if I say something that sounds kind of wrong or weird, I'm new to doing car work and modding. I was looking into replacing the throttle body on my v6 explorer, but I couldn't find anything but gaskets and spacers. I did a quick search on the v6 mustangs from the same year and I found...
  2. B

    No Gas Pedal Response

    We have a 2008 Explorer 4.0 Eddie Bauer. My husband replaced the fan clutch and we now have some codes thrown, P0122, P0222, P2104, P2110. We then changed the throttle body and we have no gas pedal. I’ve done the battery cable, fuses, on and off, and nothing works. The check engine light and a...
  3. S

    Vibration while in gear (in D or R); goes away in Neutral

    Hi All; I've got my '05 Sport Trac; just over 200k miles. Recently it's started having a significant vibration that I notice when at a stop light. But if I put it into N or PARK the vibration goes away; back in Drive or Reverse and vibrates again. I only notice it at stop lights coz; well...
  4. S

    Jerking when under 1000 RPM

    Whenever I slow down and the rpm is under 1000, no pedals being pressed, the RPMs start to go up and down and at sometimes can hit close to 0 and the car feels like its jittering. At higher speed, the RPMs are normal and have no problem driving. I have a 2015 PIU with 120k miles. Do any of these...
  5. T

    TB spacer VS larger bore TB - ST Gen2

    Whats everyones take on buying a throttle body spacer for around ~150$ vs buying the BBK Throttle Body (1759) for ~300$? i saw users on here with both was wondering what the comparison is.
  6. D

    Looking for a bigger electronic throttle body and plenum

    So I've searched and searched and can't seem to find a bigger throttle body for my 04 explorer 4.6l. Since its an electric throttle body I can't just throw on a BBK. I currently have a K&N CAI, flowmaster exhuast, and custom performance tune through Unleashed Tuning. Anybody have any ideas or...
  7. D

    Engine shut off while AC running

    I have a 2011 Explorer XLT and have had numerous problems with this vehicle. Recently a couple weeks ago I just had the throttle body replaced since my engine was stalling when coming to a stop. It is starting to occur again and now when I use the AC and I am idle it will shut the engine off. I...
  8. dustinjorge

    Help with part number?

    Can anyone tell me what the part number is for the clip that fits in this connector from the throttle body? Is it the same as the one from the fuel line? I broke it. Need to get a new one and pick n pull isn't as close as Napa... Thanks
  9. redavis460

    75mm Accufab throttle bodies, 347's, and 1998 Explorer Sports; an impossible dream?

    Hi guys, after a long absence, I've come back into my old project: a 1998 Sport (2wd) with a 347/M5R2 5-speed combo. The difference is, this time I'm giving it the treatment of TFS heads, custom cam, custom headers, and the like; with all that flow potential, I'm at the upper end of 70mm...
  10. G

    2005 Explorer throttle body part number question

    I ruined my throttle body by cleaning it with carb cleaner. Dumb move. Went to Ford and got a direct replacement part number (5L2Z-9e926-A) With that exact number I can't find anything under $300. There are some very similar throttle bodies (2004, etc) that are $120 and look the same and...
  11. T

    2002 explorer bolt size

    hello, im new to this forum and i could use some help. i replaced my intake manifold and with all my wisdom i lost the 4 bolts that attach my throttle to my intake. im totally new to working on my own truck but i really do like my explorer so i need to maintain it myself to save some bucks. its...
  12. J

    1997 Mercury mountaineer stuck gas pedal

    I'm currently deployed and my wife was driving my mountaineer while pulling out onto a main road she stated the gas pedal got stuck and wouldn't come loose, she proceeded to press the brakes and the engine wouldn't slow due to the gas pedal Being stuck. After a near accident she jammed the...
  13. S

    bbk 66mm help

    Whats up guys, just have a quick question. I have a flowmaster 10(super loud), and k&n oversized filter that deletes the box. I'm wondering if the bbk 66mm is worth getting. I also wonder that if I do get it, should I get a tune and what programmer/chip would work best? if your wondering its the...
  14. D

    Throttle body cleaning messed up Expo

    2004 Ford Explorer V6 4.0. So, I was cleaning the throttle body with the car running using carb/choke cleaner. Had someone inside the car giving it gas and letting off while I was spraying the inside of the butterfly valve. It was working fine and then it started to stall. It was able to restart...
  15. E

    Bolt on 70mm Throttle body

    I followed the airbox modification with a throttle body upgrade. I found a 70mm bolt on on Ebay made by Blowfish Racing, no modification needed for the throttle cable or TPS. My old throttle body would stick near idle and I figured bigger is better. The new TB matched the intake at 70mm...
  16. D

    2004 explorer 4.0 TB spacer delete and seafoam video with results

    A few weeks ago my rig was throwing codes and idling too low and wouldnt stay running after starting. i cleaned the throttle body and found success, no more codes, smoother idle, and overall ran smoother. When i had the TB off i saw the weird spacer with the teeth. Seemed very counter intuitive...
  17. J

    05- V8 4.6L Throttle body problems? Looking for used TB

    So here's my story... 05 mountaineer v8 model was starting to act up the other week, right as it started to get cold... would start, but too forever to. So checked everything I thought could be wrong.. battery good. Thought it was the starter because when it was in the ON position it would click...
  18. J

    2005 Mountaineer No pedal and more problems! Help!

    So I just got an 2005 Mountaineer V8 4.6L for my wife the other day, she needed something with 3rd row and we got a good deal on it... I think I see why.. Changed the power steering pump--that was a pain! Had some problems afterwards but realized when I put on a new drivebelt that I must of...
  19. D

    throttle issue

    Hey all, I have a 2000 ford explorer which I just bought off my father in law for 1500 $ it needed some work and had been owned by my sister in law for 4 years or so, it had a coolant leaking issue and I had replaced the upper and lower thermo housings amd it kept leaking, after about 10 times...
  20. B

    IAC valve problems

    I have a 2006 ford explorer V6 Eddie Bauer I'm having some idling issues. When I go to start it up it seems like its having a hard time to start runnin. The rpms will go up past 1000 after start up and drop down between 250 and 500 and go back and forth until finally idling down to 500 which is...
  21. A

    Diagnostics Help – Oil Gunk in Throttle Body (with pics)

    While working on the Ex (2000 Limited 4.0 OHC) to replace the lower thermostat housing, when I removed the Air Duct from the Throttle Body (TB) I noticed a good amount of oil gunk in the TB. When I removed the hoses from the air duct I noticed a little bit of oil on the hose that connects to the...
  22. T

    2002 Expo 4.6 mod questions

    Since we have the 4.6 can we do any mods the mustangs use? I want to get pulleys, an intake manifold, upper intake, Throttle body, bigger MAF housing, bigger injectors. and ill probably make an e-fan by using the other posts on here as my guide. I was just wondering if any one has these...
  23. C

    4.0L-OHV Throttle Body / Intake Plenum Interchange - Need Quick Answer

    I have a '93 Ranger. My throttle has developed a nasty habit of sticking halfway open!:eek: No, cleaning it won't help. I've tried. I believe the return spring is worn, and/or the shaft bushings are bad. My question is what other year throttle bodies will bolt right on? The BBK TB is listed...
  24. L

    Throttle Body not closing

    I have a 93 explorer XLT and it has been running great for a few years. It had a total rebuild before it was bought (about 2 years before I bought it, old lady had it) The issue I am having is that the throttle body is getting stuck randomly half open. This makes it hard for the car to stop...
  25. T

    MAF and Throttle body swap on 4.0 OHV

    Wanting to find out what LARGER MAF and Throttle bodies will work on my 92 4.0 explorer. I searched around and from what i found, the 5.0 throttle body will NOT fit correct? i have a custom 3'' intake, custom exhaust, and im just looking to up my mpgs and performance with little stuff here and there