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throttle body

  1. N

    Throttle Body ?'s

    Now that my Exporer is up and running i'm starting to look for some improvements as far as mpgs etc etc. I've started out w/ looking at the intake, i'm thinkin about going with a 3" aluminum tube similar to the Ifab kit w/ a larger TB & a cone filter. I've been doing some searching and have...
  2. B

    mustang throttle body on explorer

    does anyone out there have an actual picture of an explorer with the mustang throttle body on it? i want to put on my explorer, but i was looking at the mustang one that is suppose to fit (99-04 v2 4.6 mustange) and it doesnt look right. is my information wrong on the type on stang i need? or am...
  3. T

    intake setup

    alright guys. dont know awhole lot on this stuff so looking for some insight. wanting to do the cold air intake from K&N for my 4.6 and this throttle body off a mustang...
  4. willindsay

    Throttle Body Cleaning.

    Today I cleaned the throttle body it was extremely dirty I'll let the pics do the talking. Before Just sprayed with Carb cleaner. After. Here's what I used. Just spraying it with the carb cleaner got rid of most of the build up I used a tooth brush to scrub away the rest of the...
  5. willindsay

    Broken Intake Tube?

    Today While I was trying to put on a MAF from a 4.6L Town Car I discovered that my air intake tube has apperently made contact with some moving part and has pieces broken off on the TB side. So should I just see if I can find one in good condition or is there a better one out there or can I...
  6. 9

    In search of throttle body

    hey everyone, im looking for a 3" (70mm) throttle body for my first gen explorer. im lined up to possibly get my intake ported but im gonna need the bigger throttle body. Does anyone have a throttle body that will bolt up to the Ford 4.0L OHV that is 70mm and will sell it reasonablly priced...
  7. 9

    Throttle Body

    I have heard that the 4.6L throttle body off of the F-150 and stuff will fit the 4.0L engine out of the explorers, does anyone know if this is true or not? Whether its true or not does anyone recommend a particular throttle body to use?