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timing chain repair

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    Timing chain kit replaced still rattling and getting worse

    Replaced chains, guides, tensioners , waterpump and crankshaft pin. Sounded ok at first, but rattling again.... changed oil twice with flush, thinking plugged up oil screen. Next getting tool to check oil pressure. It's got to be the main chain tensioner that is powered by the oil pressure...
  2. B

    Fixing Timing Chain Rattle: Gaskets???

    Bought a 2004 EXPLORER 4.0L V6 4WD about a week ago with a " loose pulley" turns out its the timing chain smh. So I've found a kit that includes all the pieces to change all of the chains, tensioners and guides for around $200. However I've been told that there's multiple gaskets that will need...
  3. C

    Is my timing chain guide broken?

    When installing a new timing chain tensioner on the passenger side, there was no resistance screwing it in, like there was for the driver side tensioner. Could this indicate something is broken?
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    Passenger/Rear Timing Chain Guide needs to be replaced

    Can someone explain to me why the driver side chain guide can be replaced without removal of the engine, but the passenger side needs to have the engine pulled?
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    '02 Explorer 4.0 SOHC Timing issue

    Hi, I need to pick some brains :). My 02 Explorer,150K, developed the "cold start rattle" since I didn't take the time to check this forum I didn't realize exactly how serious this was. Last week I started it and it rattled exceptionally loud so I checked the oil. It was a quart low. I filled it...
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    2006 Explorer - Timing Chain Question

    I have got a '06 XLT Explorer (160k miles), engine code "E", that has broken the front Left timing chain. This happened when the engine was running and the broken chain made a small hole in the valve cover. Of course when this happened, the engine stopped. I am just trying to figure out what the...
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    choice: repair 1999 V6 ~165K loose timing chain vs buy used 2000 XLS at ~175K miles

    (reposted from my new members post with more info since then) Hi all, I've read for advice on this website many times for guidance on issues with my truck. So I'm asking for advice on my scenario: I have a 1999 V6 Eddie Bauer ~165K miles been driving about 5-6 years. I'm not a proficient...