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timing chain

  1. J

    2010 Explorer 4.0 SOHC driveway timing chain change, gasket question

    I am replacing the front timing chains with the engine still in the vehicle, in my driveway. The upper front cassette broke. The tear down went well, and I am about to order parts including the timing kit, and gaskets: valve covers, lower oil pan, intake manifold and timing chain cover. All...
  2. G

    3.5L Timing pin damage

    Hey All, looking to see if anyone else has seen what I have and if anyone knows if it's a common issue with these motors. I had the infamous coolant leak from the water so replaced with as well as complete timing set. A while later my wife begain hearing a chatter from the engine so I tore it...
  3. A

    2017 3.7 PIU misfire codes 4.5.6 after new water pump

    Had shop replace water pump, timing chain, vvts, and all the rest. 5k. Took them 3x in a period of 2.5 wks to get it to run right. But alas, it's not. Before I could FOT at any point, regardless of speed etc and it would just get up n go. Now it blows codes misfire 4.5.6. There 5...
  4. B

    2006 4.0 Anyone use Ultra Power or SKP timing kit?

    New here, but not new to Fords and wrenching on them. My son has an '06 Eddie Bauer with the 4.0. 174K miles. He bought it with a brand new transmission in it, and the motor seemingly ran well. After a while, he said it was rattling a lot. Doh. (Didn't listen to me when he bought it about...
  5. I

    Oil poured out of engine??

    Long story, so yesterday I decided it's time to replace my timing chain tensioners before they get worse, I also had a very small leak from my oil pan. So we pulled the old tensioners out, drained the oil, replaced the oil pan gasket, got the oil pan on nice and tight. Put in new tensioners...
  6. M

    Is this the timing chain noise? Possibly something else? 2005 Explorer 4.0L XLT ticking noise

    Hello! I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 with 4x4. It only has 94k miles, but I suppose that doesn't make it immune to time. The easiest way to describe it is that it sounds like a tractor or a TDI diesel. The ticking is pretty regular once warmed up. It runs absolutely fine, with no...
  7. P

    PCM timing chain

    So I am new to the forum and also having issues locating the pcm in a 2014 ford explorer sport, while doing the timing chain replacement, anyone know where or how to get to it thank you in advance
  8. C

    Intermittent Oil Pressure [4.6]

    I haven't posted in a while. I have a 2004 EB 2WD Explorer with a 4.6L engine. I love it, but it's getting a lot of miles and has some issues. I'm in Upstate NY, but the truck is from GA, so no rust. Anyway, I was driving about a month ago and noticed some unhappy lifter noise. I looked at...
  9. F

    2007 4.0L Timing Chain Disaster

    Suddenly our Explorer started making a terrible racket which was indicative of timing chain rattle. It was constant and did not alter with engine temperature. Sounded awful. Shop took a look and confirmed and so we were all set for them to pull the engine and replace front and rear components...
  10. J

    Snapped timing chain 4.0 SOHC

    I don't normally search for help on internet threads, but I'm getting dangerously close to scrapping this project. I recently replaced the timing chain cassette and tensioner on my 4.0 SOHC with 150,000 miles. I bought Ford's OTC 6488 for the timing, and it ran great for about 4 hours. As soon...
  11. J

    Strange new ticking sound after replacing timing chain tensioners.

    hello all, I have always been able to find solutions on existing threads, so if this is is covered please redirect me. 03 sport trac 4.0 Sohc I had a timing chain rattle on start up so I replaced the left and right tensioners. I primed them before installing them. I drove home from the...
  12. L

    Opinion - Timing Chain Replacement (2007 4.0L)

    I'm looking for an opinion on whether or not it's worth it to have one or all timing chains replaced on my 2007 Explorer 4.0 with 186k miles. Truck is in very good shape for it's age and mileage, and no indicators of tranny problems or anything else major. But I began hearing the typical...
  13. L

    4.0 engine noise

    I’ve replaced both timing chain tensioners and have done an oil change with full synthetic high mileage oil. I am planning on replacing belt tensioner and idler pulley. What could this noise be? There are 158k miles and she runs mint. The noise happens at operating temperature and is not very...
  14. 4

    4.0 SOHC. Replace timing or Not?

    I have a RWD, 2001 ford explorer sport, with the 4.0 SOHC engine, that has about 195k miles on what I assume is the original trans and engine. I inherited the truck from my late mother. I have put the last 15-20k miles on it with minor issues but now I have a nice clear rattle at cold start from...
  15. P

    Looking for someone who can fix the legendarily bad timing chain in my '98.

    All right, I know this sounds a bit dramatic but my poor girl is gonna have to be sold if I can't find someone. I live in Western Maryland, somewhere around the Cumberland area. Does anybody perhaps live nearby and know of a mechanic or shop who is able to fix my broken timing chain guides and...
  16. P

    Possible Electrical or Computer issue?

    All right, so a long while ago my timing chain guides decided it was time to stop existing. My explorer still rattles down the road if I need to go somewhere, and very soon I'll be getting it fixed, so I have a few questions. One, where can I find the reinforced metal timing chain guides? I'd...
  17. M


    Hi my name is Miranda I have an 03 Ford ranger 2.3 does anyone no how difficult replacing timing chain is
  18. 2

    2003 sport trac timing chain question

    have a 03 sport trac xlt. Made another post that was said to be the timing chains going out. I'm getting a new engine instead of getting it fixed. But I always asked if it was the timing chains going out. Wouldn't the noise always be loud , and always making a noise? I'm asking because some...
  19. P

    4.0 Timing Chain trouble, possible replacement engines?

    Well, the timing chains in my v6 flex fuel SOHC finally broke, or slipped, after 210,000 miles. Either way, the engine's done for. I'm having a shop install an engine from a junkyard, or possibly even a Jasper reman engine, if I can find the money. What cars would have an engine that would fit...
  20. R

    Help please with timing chain

    Hello. People, help me please. I have engine ford explorer 4.0 ohv 1991 year Need to buy timing chain kit I found this: DNJ TK422 - for 1st gen explorer (1991) CLOYES 94172SA -for 2nd gen explorer (1995-...) Is it same? Can I install CLOYES 94172SA (from 2nd gen explorer) to my engine?
  21. S

    How to prime a timing chain tensioner?

    I am replacing the drivers side timing chain tensioner and am having some trouble priming it, would somebody care to explain how you can prime it quickly the right way? :dunno: :feedback: :help:
  22. T

    Snapped rear jackshaft attachment bolt Sport Trac

    I just removed my engine from my 2002 Explorer Sport Trac. After taking the flex plate off I took the engine compartment seal off and half of the jackshaft Bolt came falling out and the other half is still screwed in. I have no idea what to do because if I try to drill it out then I will ruin...
  23. M


    Took my 2000 Ford explorer in to have a new tranny put in and they said my timing chain was making a loud noise ..I've been going to the same mechanic for over 20 years so I trust him to a point ..but not sure on this since I haven't heard this before it went in the shop..he says he doesn't work...
  24. J

    2006 Explorer 4.6 Timing Guides

    I've got a 06 Ford Explorer 4.6 with the tow package that has around 133k on it. I bought the vehicle a couple of weeks ago and have no idea of its history. My question is would it be good medicine to replace the timing chain, timing guides, and tensioners while I do all the regular maintenance...
  25. M

    Ford explorer 2002 4.6 v8 timing chain problem

    So basically had chain slap for a week or so. Was told that it was a timing chain guide or tensioner that was most likely the cause of the problem. Was told that it was cost around 1400.00 or so to repair. Well I didn't have that kind of cash, so I decided I would take it upon myself to try and...
  26. D

    V6 or V8

    Hi, I'm new here but I've got a 98' Ford Explorer Sport with the V6 SOHC engine and one of the back timing chains has gone bad and I'll have to pull the engine either way. So, I was hoping for some guidance as far as whether I should replace the timing chains or just replace the engine; and if I...
  27. B

    Replacing Timing Chains, Guides, Tensioners on FORD 2001 EXPLORER SPORT

    Hello, I finally finished the project last night of replacing all the timing chains, guides, and tensioners on my 2001 explorer sport, 4.0l sohc, 4wd. Tried starting it and it just made this deep noise while it did crank and spun, but no start... Anyone, any ideas of where I should check...
  28. B

    Timing chain replacement

    I have a 02' sport at 132,000 miles and i was wondering when if at all i should replace my timing chains. I've been looking around and i cant seem to find any solid information on it. Although there was a few threads saying they should last the life of the engine.
  29. T

    Help! pretty sure my timing chain is shot....

    Hi, I need some advice. I have a 1999 Explorer XLT with the 4.0 SOHC 4x4 motor. Got it cheap fot will be making payments for the next year on it. It was rattling pretty bad and I was told it was the chain and tensioners. Well, a couple weeks ago, the oil pressure gauge went nuts and was...
  30. N

    Quick Question about Timing Chain Tensioners

    Hello All, This may be a dumb question but I need to drain the oil before replacing the rear passenger side timing chain tensioner and the front driver side timing chain tensioner, correct?
  31. E

    03 Explorer 4.6L 2V Vin W (Romeo) Timing Chain and Parts...

    I just bought a used 2003 Ford explorer w/ a 4.6L SOHC 2V - Vin Number W (Romeo MI. Plant) I Have to replace Timing Chain, guides, Tensioners. Also, need the Cam holding tools, Camshaft positioning adaptor, Crankshaft positioning tool, I think. I Looked all over Amazon for these Parts and...
  32. G

    Australian Explorer

    Hey Everyone! I have just got my first Explorer and I live in Australia and am experiencing some serious lack of information as the Explorer has not been around here since 2005. Grummpy!
  33. I

    1999 V6 Eddie Bauer ~165K loose timing chain vs used 2000 XLS at ~175K miles

    Hi all, I've read for advice on this website many times for guidance on issues with my truck. So I'm asking for advice on my scenario: I have a 1999 V6 Eddie Bauer ~165K miles been driving about 5-6 years. I'm not a proficient mechanic. It has a loose timing chain. Estimate is $1500 to...
  34. A

    How Do I Remove The Camshaft Sprocket?

    4.0L OHV (Pushrod) 4WD, Automatic, 1994 Explorer XLT. I need to know how to remove the torx bolt from the camshaft sprocket (top) so I can replace the timing components. All I see are replacement threads for SOHC engines... Nothing is broken!! I'm just replacing them for the hell of it since I...
  35. C

    Pulling motor, any suggestions

    It seems that my rear timing chain tensioner had gone and while pulling a sharp corner into a parking lot on the weekend and I believe the rear timing chain on my 4.0 SOHC slipped. Of course the truck stalled and when I attempted to start it, all I got was starter noise (starter sounded...
  36. M

    4.0L Timing Chain Replacement

    Well it has come that time where I need to start doing some thinking about my vehicle. I'm at 105k right now, and I feel like I have crested that hill on reliability. So far all I have replaced is minor things (Fuel pressure sensor, wheel bearing, balljoints, ect.) Well now bigger things are...
  37. T

    2006 4.0L heads

    I have a '06 4.0L that has 106K that I have to pull the heads (coolant leak), my question is if I'm going to have it apart should I replace the timing gear also (benefit v cost)?
  38. 0

    '03 4.0 engine noise with rpm

    I have an '03 Explorer, 143,000 miles, and it makes a clattering noise that rises with rpm's. No codes. I tried removing the belt, but the noise is still there. The timing is rock steady at both the #1 and #4 cylinders. What is going on? I don't want to drive it until I figure it...
  39. T

    2003 Ford Explorer 4.0L V6 engine failure suggestions?

    I have a 2003 Explorer which I bought new. The explorer had about 66,000 miles on it when it began to make a rattle in January 2013. A mechanic told me he suspected the timing chains were bad and to sell it while it was still running. 2 weeks later the explorer died on the side of the road...
  40. L

    Timing chain broken!!

    4.0 SOHC V6 '97 Ford Explorer 305,284 miles. Loud Clicking noise started about a week ago. Let my mechanic drive it, but no noise. A few days later, extremely loud clicking that got louder with RPMs. (I was on a road trip at this point) On my way home the car died.(thankfully just a few miles...