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tire questions

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    Tread Depth Causing 4WD to Engage?

    2004 Explorer is in the shop now. 4WD light comes on and when the steering wheel is turned the truck feels like it will not make the turn as if a wheel is going to fall off. Mechanic called and ONE tire has a better tread depth than the other three which is the reason the 4WD light is coming...
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    New to Sport Trac's - 3-4" Lift Options

    Owner of a 2001 Sport Trac and love everything about the entire truck. I am about 6' 4" and have finally decided that my Trac needs a lift because it is just sitting a bit too low for me. I frequently go hunting and would like to make my Trac more off-road friendly. Additionally, I go fishing...
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    2005 Ford Sport Trac XLT 4 x 4 (last year with OEM Rear Leaf Springs) Stock tires are P255/70 R16 - I acquired five P255 70 R18 off of a JEEP Wrangler. I want to put them on the Sport Trac (ST) - Is it possible to do so with out major modifications to the suspension or running into any...
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    questions on tire size

    hey all, i wanted to get new wheels/tires for my 2003 ST XLT, (4x2). i dont do any serious off-roading, but i wanted to get some beefier AT tires and a set of black wheels. the stock wheels are 16", and i want to keep the ride of the vehicle stock, and not lift it being that its just a 4x2, but...