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  1. H

    Shaking front end

    2019 Ford Explorer Limited, V6 Front end is shaking a bit. Passenger side tire (front end) is getting worn unevenly. Went to get an alignment at Big O tires, got it, but the manager said it wasn't perfect because the strut on the passenger side was bent. I took it home. I don't see that it is...
  2. B

    Vibration at 60-73mph. Stumped! What could it be???

    2000 Explorer XLT 4-Door 4.0 SOHC 2WD 146,000 miles. New tires were put on 2 months ago; they have less than 1,000 miles on them; they're General Grabber HTS. The previous tires were Michelin LTX M/S2 XL. Ever since the new tires were put on, I've had tremendous vibration between 60-73mph...
  3. Bobs2018ExplorerSport

    For Sale Set of (5) Like-New Ford Explorer PIU or Sedan Steel Wheels with Tires - SOLD!

  4. H

    265/70/17 rubbing upper control arm

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLT on completely stock suspension and stock wheels. After doing a lot of reading, plenty of reports seemed to indicate a 265/70/17 would fit, or MAYBE run into minor rubbing on the fenderwell panels at full lock. Well, at about 1.5 turns of the steering wheel, my new...
  5. J

    Tire Sensor Woes

    Hello Everybody. New member here. Texas, USA. *2007 XLT 2WD* So a nail went in my tire and damaged the tire pressure sensor and they are expensive to have replaced. Can i just pull the module that controls this or what? Thanks in advance for money saving suggestions.
  6. Z

    Wheel and Tire combo?

    I’m curious on wether or not anyone would have some information on the smallest wheel biggest tire combo that can be put on a stock suspension 2018 expo base. Also open to some suggestions on all terrain tires that you guys have experience using.
  7. D

    Rear Wheel-spin While Driving On Wet Roads

    Picked up my 1992 Mazda Navajo LX today. Automatic transmission. She's got the D4 axle code, so 3.73 limited-slip front and rear differentials. 4x4, but the button assembly is missing, so I haven't checked if the old auto hubs lock up yet. So, I live in Washington. It rains. A lot. It was...
  8. H

    Larger Tires on OEM & Aftermarket Wheels

    What are the widest tires that will fit on the Sport 20" rims? Fit is also critical as they cannot rub on the fender wells when turning. Thanks in Advance. HH
  9. E

    99 Explorer XLT 2wd wheel and tire sizes without lift

    Hey, sorry if this is somewhere else I'm still new. I would like to know what wheel and tire I could fit without rubbing on a stock Explorer and no lift.
  10. T

    Lift Information for Sport Trac. 2 gen. 08+

    alright everyone. as someone whose been diggin around these forums, and other forums for lift information, tyre size i figured id combine everything ive found and put it all in one place. most of the threads have expired pictures but the information is there, which is what matters! right? the...
  11. L

    Can I use 245-65/R17 on 2014 Explorer XLT?

    My all season is 245-60/R18. Thanks,
  12. J

    Wheel bearings.

    I changed both the driver and passenger side wheel bearings and races on my 91 explorer, 4x4. The passenger side, after driving has zero play. The driver side even after torquing has some slight play after putting the wheel on. I can see no play with the wheel off and i grab the rotor. But there...
  13. M

    What would cause outer tire tread to wear faster than inner?

    Hi all, I've had my tires for about a year now, as I remember I got them for winter last year. They cost me around $800 and still have plenty of life on them. However I've been noticing that the outer tread appears to be wearing much faster than the middle and inner tread. What are the...
  14. H

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated

    Hello everybody, my name is HOOAH and I am the new owner of a 2006 Ford Explorer XLS 4.0 V6 4wd, with 103k. This is my first Ford vehicle and I hope it serves me well for many years to come. I already had a dealer look it over and they gave me the check list that it is ok and all is well. I have...
  15. FirstExplorer

    Spare Tire and Hoist Winch maintenance

    I suggest inspection on the condition of the spare tire, the winch, and the winch cable. Once a year, I drop my spare and unfurl the winch cable to the stop. The tire is always extremely grimy and under inflated, so I wash and scrub it good at the DIY car wash, then treat it with a tire...
  16. D

    Larger Tire ????S

    I drive a 2000 mercury mountaineer AWD. 5.0 I just did the short add a leaf on bottom and shackle lift 3" . I currently have stock 235/75/15s. I'm wanting to put a taller and little bit wider tire on the stock 15s. Suggestions and thoughts would be much appreciated. I'm doing all work myself...
  17. N

    Brakes Locked

    My son was stopping at stop sign putting on brakes, he heard a louc clunk then as he accelerated it was clunk clunk clunk and he thought, do I have a flat. He didnt He pulled into parking spot and left car there. When he puts it in drive it does the same thing clunk clunk and wont go forward...
  18. R

    New Wheels and Low Tire Pressure?

    Hi so I'm assuming nig that after I put on my new wheels that the new ones done have sensors in them like stock. This doesn't bother me. However, my dash keeps displaying the "Low Tire Pressure" warning light that I'd really like to get rid of so I can keep it as clean as possible. Does anyone...
  19. B

    96 Explorer XLT Tire Size

    Hey guys, I have a 96 Explorer XLT 5.0 and the guy I bought it from had 27" sports put on. I want to know if it will fit 31" all terrains stock. If not would a Front TT and a rear block(both 2") be good and give enough room? Thank you
  20. C

    Looking into New Tires

    Hey All, I am preparing to do the TT/shackles lift and am wanting to put some 31x10.5r15 size tires on to match. I am looking into the General Grabber AT2 tires. Has anyone had experience (good/bad) with these? If not what is the preferred tire around here? I use the truck as my daily...
  21. J

    will 265/70/18 fit?? -12 offset??

    looking at getting tires and rims for my 03 limited 4x4. I've been doing research on this site for a while but haven't seen anyone running a 265/70/18 (32.6) which is an inch bigger than what I've heard will fit with no rub. the rims I'm wanting are18x9 -12 offset. would that offset cause rub...
  22. G

    Tire Pressure Monitor Problem

    My 2007 Explorer is having a problem with its tire pressure monitor system. I had aftermarket chrome wheels put on my Explorer years ago, and it has been awhile but I believe at the time the tire pressure monitors were transferred from my factory wheels to the chrome wheels - was this possible...
  23. B

    1995 ford explorer eddie b.

    Good day ford enth.... I have a 1995 ford explorer eddie bauer ,which i use daily for work,i am also fixing it as i go along,currently i want to fix the check gauge light that is constantly on,also the oil meter pressure gauge seems to be broken,can i fix these problems as a do it your selfer?
  24. P

    08 LTD dumb question. Correct tire pressure

    Yeah I know. Dumb question. 2008 LTD 4.6 with 70k miles. Bought it with 60k. Tires are BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A. Dealer says leave pressure at 27 PSI cold (they set it there). Tires are at 27 psi cold. Fronts "look" a bit low. Tires say Max 44. Door jamb says 32. Manual...
  25. O

    Wheel size help???

    my 1993 ford explorer currently sits on the stock rims at 15X7 I have an opportunity to buy some other rims that are from a 92 explorer and are at 15X6.5. Both are 5 lug pattern. My question is, will this be an issue for me? Will the wheels even fit my car?