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  1. D

    Using 245/70r17 instead of 245/65r17

    Hope everyone is fine! I am looking for new tires in my country. My stock tire/rim size is 245/65r17. I've found better AT and MT options for 245/70r17. Would this difference in the aspect ratio bring any bad consequences? Would it cause rubbing?
  2. B

    Explorer ST off-road/winter setup - 285/60-18 Grabber A/TX tires & 18x9 ALPHAequipt wheels

    Hey guys, I just got a set of 18x9 +35 ALPHAequipt Grenade wheels and 285/60-18 General Tire: Grabber A/TX tires on the Explorer ST to gear it up for off-road and snow work.
  3. S

    Tire size

    Hey guys, im just throwing this out there for anyone to take. I recently took my ex either a 3 inch lift with stock tires out off-roading to do a flex test to see what size tire I can fit. I was looking at 285/70r17s but now I think I might go back to 265s or even 255s. Down the line I do want a...
  4. H

    2016 Explorer Sport Wheels/Tires Upgrade

    Hey all, I'm looking to make my 2016 Sport AWD look a little more rugged and change the 20" rims to maybe 17" or 18" so I can put a more aggressive street/off road tire on. I live in Michigan and winters can be harsh. Has anyone done this? If so can you share pics and what is the max size tire...
  5. CallMeSyd

    Gen 3 Explorer 7.3 Powerstroke, F/R SAS Dana 60

    The absolute craziest 3rd generation explorer proposed so far. I want to build an off-road recovery rig and I could use some help. I know that the 7.3 has been done before in a gen 3 explorer. I have attempted to contact the owner of that rig since i saw he was trying to sell it. I was...
  6. N

    15" wheels that work

    Good morning ST Peeps, Can anyone chime in on 15" wheel fitment specs that work for an '05 ST Adrenalin 4wd? What's the width, offset, backspacing, brand, etc? Also, include if any trimming or cutting will be necessary due to rubbing? Pics are always welcomed as well. Thank you all for your...
  7. N

    Request tire help/opinions/advice

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me with the most optimal offroad tire for my Sport Trac? It is not my daily driver. I live in Vegas, but also plan on road tripping with this rig to Utah and Arizona. I will be highway driving (but still, it's not my daily driver). The terrains here are dominantly dirt...
  8. S

    2014 explorer base model upgrade tires

    i have a 2014 base model that i put on 265/60/17 Goodyear eagles (little wider than the stock ones) I want to go to more of an aggressive look. Can anyone recommend any? thank you in advance
  9. T

    Help me I'm new lol

    Ok so I just started on here and tryin to figure out how all this works is driving me crazy already. I have a 97 Explorer 2 door 4wd it's all stock right now except my system going to upgrade that later on, I have alot I want to do to it and I'll take any and all ideas. Right now I'm wanting to...
  10. H

    4th Gen Wheel/Tire Upgrade.. HELP!!

    Hi all! This is my first post here. I've looked into your thread many times for info and advice and was hoping to get some help. I've been slowly setting up my truck for overland camping. Been waiting for my stock tires to wear out and the time has just about come. What would be the largest...
  11. H

    06 XLT wheel / tire upgrade?

    Hi all! This is my first post here. I've looked into your thread many times for info and advice and was hoping to get some help. I've been slowly setting up my truck for overland camping. Been waiting for my stock tires to wear out and the time has just about come. What would be the largest...
  12. T

    Tire Recommendation

    Hey fellas I've got a 97 4WD 4.0 auto and I finally got paid so I'm gonna go get me some tires (235/75/15). Looking at A/T as I'll do a lot of town driving for work but probably off-road during the weekends. So far I'm considering Falken Wildpeaks and Hankook Dynapros with the dealer leaning...
  13. N

    Tire circumference difference

    I didn't rotate tires and now i have 5mm difference. I have ko2 all terrain tires so there's plenty of thread left but front are 5mm less than rear. How bad it is? when should i get new tires?
  14. P

    Need new Rims 2007 limited

    I have no clue on much more than driving the truck. I do love it though. A week ago I hit a rim in the middle of the road. Insurance (theirs) is paying for the damage. Basically, the two passenger side rims Wheels are bad and I need new tires. The ones that are on mine are $800 each and cant be...
  15. E

    Largest tire on a sport 4x4 with a 2.5” lift

    I currently have Goodyear AT 265/70/16’s on my 1998 Sport 4x4. I wanted to hesr from anyone who has run larger tires with a similar set up. I’d like to run some larger KO2’s Current set up - new 4 door rear leaf springs - rear Add a leaf - rear shackles - Front torsion keys - KYB monomax shocks...
  16. D

    Excited to be here.

    I've had a 2003 ford explorer for about 2years now. learned to drive in it. Planning on getting it off road ready for when I head off to college later this year. It has tires that seem pretty small, so looking to change that first. Any tips on tire sizes that would fit on a stock suspention that...
  17. E

    Front Rear Tire Wear Question

    I own a 2017 Explorer Sport with AWD. Does this generation of AWD Explorer have a tendency to wear front tires faster than rear or vice versa (considering alignment is to spec.)? I ask because I didn't mark my winter tires before storing them.
  18. M

    18" wheels on a Sport?

    I just want to confirm that an 18" wheel off of a 2014 Explorer we'll fit my 2017 Sport. These wheels are only going to be for a winter tire install. I know the bolt pattern is the same I just want to make sure that there will not be any brake interference issues.
  19. C

    2 questions in thread. New member so I apologize.

    So, I have been upgrading and restoring my 1997 Explorer XLT 4.0 OHV since I purchased it for under a Grand with 129,000 miles, almost a year ago this month. I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle at all and have put quite a few miles on (160,390) it from driving it to Florida and back...
  20. G

    Tire Advice

    Hello can anyone either tell me or refer me to a specific thread that talks about how large of tires I can put on a 2018 platinum without causing a bunch of problems, rub, and without a lift? I’d like to use stock rims if possible, but am open to after-market if stock is limiting due to offset...
  21. 9

    91 Vibration problems

    The Blue Beast, formerly the rust bucket, has a new vibration problem. 91 Explorer 4.0 4WD The problem: At any speed above 25ish I get a nice "VVVVUUURRRTTTT VVVVUUURRRTTT" vibration that I can both hear and feel. It goes in time with the vehicle speed, increasing almost to a steady humm at...
  22. S

    What All Season Tires are you Using?

    Hey guys, so I am finally on the road with my special wheelchair adapted '17 Explorer and I am soon going to replace the stock 18 inch rims along with the tires. It seems many of the users here are running 295/45/R20, but would you guys recommend any other tire sizes between 245 to 295mm?
  23. R

    best shocks/struts for 2000 Explorer?

    I just took over a 2000 Eddy Bauer with the load leveling system installed. I am going to do the Torsion Twist and shackle kit upgrades, just wondering what shocks/struts are best for this application. Im planning on deleting the load leveling system. Looking through a few treads i've seen guys...
  24. D

    Tire swap

    Hey all! First off I’d like to say thanks for being here! I recently acquired a 2006 Explorer and am looking to possibly make some enhancements to the aesthetics of the vehicle. I’m Looking for an answer to a tire question. Their pretty dry rotted and I’m looking to get new ones I have a set of...
  25. U

    Moderate Tire Upgrade - Help ??

    I am fortunate to have just purchased from my parents their pristine 2002 Explorer XLT 4.0. Gold with leather, 100% stock. They bought it new, used it very gently, and only ever put 92K miles on it. My teenage son (new driver) and I are planning to use it as a bit of a "light overlanding"...