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torque monster

  1. willzilla

    Solved 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD Modified (Torque Monster headers, etc)

    Sad to do it but.. For sale is my modified 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 v8 AWD. I recently moved from West TN to South Texas for work and am unable to bring all 4 vehicles with me + manage selling my house, moving, building a new house, and manage everything else. I've worked on this car on and...
  2. X

    Wanted Torque Monster Headers?

    I was looking to buy a set for my explorer, but they aren't available anymore? Does anyone know the deal with them? Are they going to be available again? thanks!
  3. FlyBoyCoe

    Torque Monsters and Intake Spacer

    So I just got my travel pay from a 6 week trip, and that means it's TMH time, which I purchased today. I've read in MoutaineerGreen's thread that it's best to install a phenolic intake spacer at the same time, and that the Trick Flow kit has all the right bolts and such. (TFS-51520018 at...
  4. MountaineerGreen

    List of Useful Threads MountaineerGreen's "How To" Writeup List

    Suspension & Steering Upper Control Arm Ball Joint Lower Ball Joint Replacement Loose Steering Inner Tie Rod Replacement Leaf Spring Removal & Installation Shock Replacement Explorer/Mountaineer/Sport Trac/Ranger Custom Ani-Sway Bar Links- Cheap Engine Modifications 1"...