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    Upper Intake Torque Specifications for OHV?

    I need to replace my upper intake gaskets that are leaking. I looked in my old Haynes manual and these are the torque specs. They seem kind of low with the upper intake nuts torqued to 12 ft lbs. While the studs to the block are torqued to just 84 inch lbs which is 7 ft lbs. The other torque...
  2. R

    Torque Specs Intake Manifold and Spark plugs

    2004 v6 4.0 SOHC (EBauer Trim). Searching for consistent info on what the torque specs for the upper intake manifold eight bolts are. The CD guide that I have has conflicting info, as the bolts shown are the Isolator bolts (9S479), but not the long threaded end bolts that are used to hold the...
  3. W

    2005 4wd Explorer that needs sway bar linkages replaced, money is very tight.

    High from Kane, PA, land of cold and snow. My son has my 2005 4wd Explorer at Westminster college in New Wilmington. I just found out that the torsion/sway bar links are broke and need replaced. I prefer to do myself as every penny counts as I am basically retired due to health reasons. I'm...
  4. S

    Torque values - 2011 Explorer Front Suspension

    Just ordered new front struts for my 2011 explorer, anybody know what the torque values are ? Thanks
  5. D

    1999 Explorer 4.0 v6 torque converter

    I have an automatic 1999 explorer and have had the transmission rebuilt 3 times in 2 years. Its been doing fine for about 6 months until now. I'm driving down the road staying at the same speed and the car jumps from however many rpm's it was at to about 3000 rpm's over that. Then it'll go back...
  6. M

    Axle Gear Ratios? Explorer Street Rod Rebuild Project

    I want to rebuild my 5.0 Eddie Bauer into a daily driver/street rod. My main goal is make this as fast as I can from 0-60, but can be driven on the highway without the engine running at 3,000 RPM at 70MPH. So I am looking for people who have experience in changing out the gears in the...
  7. Sedition

    SOHC Camshaft Bearing End Cap Bolt Torque

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what torque to set the camshaft bearing end cap bolts to on the SOHC 4.0L V6?
  8. E

    Which Exhaust Manifold or header for 5.0?

    Which Exhaust manifold or header can I buy for my 5.0 L that will be an improvement over the stock ones and won't break my wallet? First, thanks so much to you guys that post AWESOME threads about fixing and improving your Explorers. (Yes I do search and read old threads to find answers...
  9. 2

    U Bolt Question.

    I'm getting my leaf springs rearched this Thursday and had a question about the U bolts, I've seen people say they've re-used theirs as much as five times, others say that they should only be used once. I was wondering what the right size bolts are for my truck. I wouldn't want to re-use my...
  10. F

    torque converter rebuild?

    hey everyone! Im about to put another a4ld in my ex, and im 90 percent sure my converter is bad. does anyone know of a place i can send mine away to be rebuilt? or can i find someone locally? I would rather not spen the 160 bucks for a new one. Thanks in advance Justin
  11. T

    Less Torque After Changing Spark Plugs?

    I recently changed the spark plugs in my '98 Explorer 4.0 SOHC to try and fix a pinging problem during cold starts. Pinging is still there, but better, and my MPG has skyrocketed. However, whenever I tow my 1300 lb boat and trailer it feels like I am STRUGGLING to accelerate! Before I...
  12. F


    Im trying to remove my a4ld to rebuild and i cant find a socket that fits the torque converter bolts!!! can someone tell me how they removed it? What size are the bolts Did you have to use a box wrench? Much help appreciated!!!!!!
  13. CamDJClimited

    1996 Ford Explorer Transmission Question

    So I just found out by our mechanic that the Transmission Torque Converter is bad, and needs to be replaced. Would I be better off replacing the whole transmission? Or just the torque converter. We have our own mechanic we go to, so no way am I going to the dealer, and I could always buy the...
  14. M

    Dynojet numbers for a 1994 EB Explorer (Day I got to 299,000 Miles!) :)

    UPDATE! (Graph and Video from the Dyno now added) I still have the EX but not the Ex-wife. At least I got to keep the truck! :) I installed CAI Version 4.1 and felt I had better performance than before. So as I approached 299k I wanted to get some baseline numbers to compare against future...
  15. C

    Torque Monster Header (TMH) Gasket Replacement-Pointers needed

    I've found bits and pieces of info out there on replacing the header gaskets used with TMH, but was hoping to put together an all inclusive thread on how to do the job. I got the headers put on in July at Jon's place in July as some will recall. The install was definitely first rate but I have...
  16. S

    For People With Bamachips What Tune Do You Run

    For all the people that have bamachips or similar what tunes do you run and like the best. I have an 87 and 93 Performance and an 93 Torque. I like both the 93 tunes but not sure what one I like better. Post your details
  17. I

    Crankshaft Mysteries - Belt pulley bolt torque specifications needed.

    Hi all - I can't seem to find the spec in my manual. There wasn't a lot of resistance taking them (4 bolts) off (20-30 ft-lb?). This is for a 1994 SOHC 2.3 L MT 2WD Ranger. Also, would I be OK using some blue locktite on them? Thanks! - Bill
  18. Torque Wrench Test

    Torque Wrench Test

    Testing a clicker style torque wrench.
  19. Torque Wrench Testing Tool

    Torque Wrench Testing Tool

    Homebrew tool for testing a torque wrench.
  20. C

    Sway Bar Torque Specs

    I just replaced the bushings for both my sway bars yesterday but i haven't been able to find the torque specs or how tight to tighten down the rear sway bar, for now it's a little higher (24 ft.-lbs.) than the front sway bar but can anyone verify it for me? Thanks
  21. Torque converter break out diagram.

    Torque converter break out diagram.

    This is an internal diagram of a torque converter.
  22. Torque Converter diagram.

    Torque Converter diagram.

    This is an internal diagram of a torque converter.
  23. Torque Converter break out view.

    Torque Converter break out view.

    This is an internal diagram of a torque converter.