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torsion bar

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    Problem installing Torsion bar key isolator pads

    Hello so I started out swapping the lower control arms out,which led to removing torsion bar key in which I find out the isolator pads are deteriorated to nothing. I get some new pads now I'm ready to install but I'm having problems with the 5ton 2-jaw puller staying straight,I can almost get...
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    4x4 Explorer sport Torsion Bars

    I have read a few threads with conflicting information regarding the torsion bars for my application. I have torsion keys and shackles for a lift on my 1998 4x4 Sport. It’s been great but it’s time to replace the front torsion bars. I would like to replace it with the most heavy duty ones...
  3. A

    Front Passenger Side Squeal When Turning & Creaking While Driving Straight

    I have a 99 Explorer that is making a lot of noise from the front passenger side. I've done my homework and it looks like others have reported loose caliper bolts, a loose brake line, or torsion bar trouble. I'm thinking it's the torsion bar, as it does not squeal when turning all the way to...
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    Lower Control Arm Replacement

    Hello again! This isnt going to be a full write up as they already exist. I just wanted to throw out some of my experience I learned and couldnt find before I started this. First off if your bushing are as gone as mine were you will need new lower bolts. One was stripped the other snapped in...
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    03 explorer torsion bars

    From my understanding, based off of posts on this site torsion bars can both lower and heighten your ride by about 2" safely. Now I have seen some posts say all you need is a wrench/socket wrench while others mention specific tools like Arm-08. My questions are as follows: 1. Do torsion bars...
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    Rear-End Driver's Side Sag

    So a few weeks back I twisted the torsion bar on my '05 ST (160,000 miles) to level it out. Truck sat fine, driver's side sat 35 1/2' to top of wheel well and passenger side sat 36', didn't get an alignment afterwards. Then a few days back, I noticed that my rear driver side looked lower than...
  7. M

    Out of square, torsion bars or pads or upper bj or...?

    Last weekend while wheeling someone pointed out my camber was off on my driver side, it was a touch out before (stock adjuster is maxed out) but acceptable, however it looked real bad. Got it home and did a bit of diagnoses, came to the conclusion my drivers side upper bj is worn and has some...
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    Torsion twist dropping?

    It could just be me making a big deal out of nothing but it seems like my torsion bars have been slipping lower and lower slowly since I first performed the TT. and my front end seems quite a bit lower than where it was in the beginning. Unfortunately I didn't take any measurements so i can't go...
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    '97 Torsion Bar Protective Cover/Barcket - Not Broke Enough to Fix?

    I have a '97 XLT 4x4 I bought recently. I love the vehicle, but I didn't do the under-the-truck inspection I should have done when I bought it. When I took it in to my local Ford dealer for service on another issue, they informed me of some damage to the passenger side protective cover and...
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    Contomplating Torsion keys or torsion lift?

    I am very new to the forum but i have been wheelin for a little over a year now. i have a 98 explorer awd and i have a couple questions about lift? ive done the research on here before creating this 1. ive found torsion keys that lift the front of your truck instead of putting a load on it by...
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    Took the plunge

    well i decided to join after getting alot of helpful information from the forum as a guest. I have a 2000 Explorer sport 2wd with the infamous 4.0 SOHC. i just recently had to do the Timing Chain replace. and as a high school student that wasnt something i wanted to take financially but it was...
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    Catalytic converter repair

    My cat(s) are clogged. The shop called me and told me the cat on the left (drivers) side is blown out and emptied into the back cat, the passenger side one was not as bad. They are drilling out the bolts that support the tranny. They told me they have the new catalytic converter installed but...
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    Torsion Bar conundrum!

    I'm in the middle of a lower control arm job and I'm having a huge issue with the torsion bars. I have a 1996 4x4 4l OHV. She's old and rusty. I had an enormous b*%ch trying to get the control arms off. The bolts were completely siezed, I cut them both and popped out the ball joint... I...
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    2001 explorer sport leaning to one side

    :( front end problem ? leaf springs look ok Torsion bar problem any way to adjust?