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  1. M

    Class 2 hitch receiver height problem

    I can't imagine I'm the only person with this problem My class 2 receiver height is 21", my trailer coupler is 12" high. NOBODY offers a 1 1/4" hitch ball mount with a drop of more than 6 inches. E-trailer rep said 3 inches off level is okay, but that leaves the camper's back end 6-7 inches...
  2. D

    Towing Question

    Just sold the family cabin and I decided to take my grandfathers old rotting boat and see if I can't give it new life. Issue is I can't figure out whether I can, or even should try to tow it. I've seen towing capacities for Gen three explorers stated as low as 2500lbs and high as 7000lbs. From...
  3. 5

    Tow Hitch and Light Wiring?

    My 97 Mountaineer AWD has pretty much every option except the tow package (go figure). I have a ball installed on the bumper, but obviously there is no hitch assembly and unless it's well hidden, there is no lighting hookups. How should I go about wiring up a wiring harness? At the very least I...
  4. M

    2010 Explorer 4.0 v6 towing capacity? 5205lb?

    Hi all, We are looking to get a new family vehicle and the wife has fallen in love with a clean Explorer at a dealership. The issue I have currently is this is going to be replacing our 98 Dodge Ram and I have used that truck for a lot of truck duties. Hauling material to build a shed, hauling...
  5. B

    2016 Explorer, no tow package HELP!!

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here and has been my last resort for getting help. I have a 2016 Explorer XLT that I bought new. It's out of warranty now (110,000 KMs). I bought it without the tow package because, at the time, I didn't need one. Fast forward to today, I'm regretting that...
  6. J

    How Gentle do I have to be with the 55R5S?

    I have a 07 XLT 4.0L V6 with the 55R5S transmission (117k miles).it does have the HD tow package. the VIN states its build date was 8/12/06. Apparently that matters as you may have a good or bad transmission depending on the build date. I have been reading all the threads on here saying that...
  7. K

    Adding Recovery Hooks on 5th Gen?

    I've got a 4WD XLT that I go exploring with ( makes sense right?) Anyway, I was out exploring and found a little mud and well if you care to see the results here. I have the tow package and a hitch with a recovery hook, I was wondering however if anyone added a recovery point to the front...
  8. C

    Tranny issues?...

    Stock 94 Explorer XLT, It started making a noise at idle in gear. Sort of a Morse Code sound, basically intermittent buzzing/humming. What could this be? (It's also always whined in first gear) Also, I'm going to be pulling a trailer several times a week with a mower on it this summer. Yes, I...
  9. R

    Newbie Question: Towing a Popup Camper

    Hi All! New to the forum here, so thank you for answering my question. I apologize if this has already been asked. I attempted to look through the forums already to find a similar situation. I am planning on purchasing a used 2015 - 2017 Explorer this summer. Most of the Explorers I have seen...
  10. T

    ALL 'Neutral Tow' Experience INFO REQUESTED!!??

    Hi All Fellow Guys & Gals Explorer Owners, As the Original Owner of a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT, which was purchased 'Long Ago' with the ultimate purpose of Utilizing the Factory Installed NEUTRAL TOW option as a Towed Vehicle. Now after 12 long years of Evolution and Many other uses, THE Time...
  11. B

    How common is towing package?

    Hi, I'm considering getting a small camping trailer in the next few years, 3-4K lb., and the Explorer looks like the right size vehicle to tow one, since with the towing package it's got plenty of capacity, while something smaller, like the Edge, is inadequate, and I don't care for pickups. I'd...
  12. T

    Towing: Whats the most weight you have towed?

    Has anyone towed anything at or above the rated 5000lbs? I have to take a car from Detroit to Tennessee and the car weights 3200. Not sure what a trailer will weight but I'm sure i will be at the 5k mark... Should i have any concerns. I have a tow tune from LMS I'm gonna run. Thanks...
  13. S

    Moving up from an Escape

    Been driving an Escape since 2010. Getting close to pulling the trigger on an Explorer. Looking for one with a tow package. Are the factory install packages any better then the after market versions? Thx Russ in Naperville, IL
  14. 3

    Best after market radiator brand?

    I have a slow leak from an upper seam neck the upper hose inlet neck.... tired of dealing with seeing a little coolant on the ground... seems the Original part was XL2H 8005-DA or 8005(RAD-132) and now the part number is XL2Z8005DA ? I have the heavy duty towing package and the SOHC set up...
  15. C

    96 Explorer - Eddie Bauer - Trailer Harness

    I have a 96 EB and I know there was a trailer harness at one time. Previous owner gave away a wheelchair lift on the back of it, and the people who took it, took part/all of the harness. When I went looking today, I could find nothing of it. I did find a strange looking connector (see...
  16. A

    Shock Replacement Results

    So I plan to replace my front and rear shocks tomorrow along with my rear sway bar end link bushings. I purchased the RS5229 for the front and Monroe 58617 Load Adjuster shocks for the rear. I also purchased Moog Sway Bar End Links for the rear but they sent me two different products (I wanted...
  17. C

    Check Engine Flashing

    All- I recently bought a 2014 certified Explorer XLT with factory tow package at the local dealer. Everytime I tow our boat (the whole reason for buying it), the check engine light blinks when getting onto the expressway, we lose power and the air conditioning stops (only happens when towing)...
  18. Rick

    List of Useful Threads Tow Rig Forum's Best Threads

    Summary; 02-05 Explorer Trailer Wiring Explorer Towing Capacities Trailer Brake Controllers Explained Frame Mounted Trailer Hitches Make sure you cross those safety chains How To: Installing a Transmission Temperature Gauge Transmission Temperature Gauge Leaf Spring Upgrade Axle Codes...
  19. H

    Offroading an Explorer

    I have a 1998 Sport 4x4 bought new, now with 150K miles. Want to make it a better vehicle for the Sierra Nevada explorations I intend to do this year, mostly camping and fishing. Looking forward to reading all the ways everyone has done this. My first task is to find front tow hooks, which I...
  20. C

    Just bought 2012 Explorer XLT

    Greetings all, Just picked up an 2012 XLT with 55,000 miles and the tow package. Love the car and plan on doing a lot of camping with a small travel trailer in the coming year. Noticed that the transmission air scoop under the car is missing. Others in this forum stated that the scoop...
  21. U

    2007 Explorer Adding Aux Transmission Cooler for Towing

    Hello explorer forum, I'm trying to tow a Little overweight on my 3500 lbs rated ford. I have already added the 7 pin connector and brake controller. Now I'm thinking about adding a trans cooler for towing approx 4500 lbs. Who has done this? What products did you use and how was your experiences?
  22. G

    2011 Explorer towing concern

    I'd consider myself a novice tow guy. I have a deep V boat I tow with both my 11 Explorer and 06 Escape without a problem. My wife and I now have a 18 foot hybrid travel trailer. It's dry weight is just short of 4000lbs and we've weighed it at 4200 when loaded with our gear. My question...
  23. M


    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good trailer hitch for a 96 XLT 4.0 that's not too pricey? I'd be pulling most likely a tilt trailer (I don't have a trailer yet) with up to 2 quads and a dirtbike on it for about 45 minutes each way to a riding spot.
  24. D

    Towing without towing package

    I have a 2013 Explorer Limited without the towing package. I am planning on getting a boat & trailer with a gross weight of around 3,000lbs. I know that just putting a Class III hitch on my Explorer will not give me the 5k towing ability, it is still limited to the 2k. The questions is that...
  25. A

    Will mirrors from a 2003 F150 fit an 03' Explorer?

    I'm looking at getting some tow mirrors for my 2003 Explorer, and searches for my truck have turned up nothing. I don't tow anything, I want the mirrors solely for looks, and the added visibility would obviously be a plus. The mirrors that come up for a 2003 F150 however, look very similar to...