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    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good trailer hitch for a 96 XLT 4.0 that's not too pricey? I'd be pulling most likely a tilt trailer (I don't have a trailer yet) with up to 2 quads and a dirtbike on it for about 45 minutes each way to a riding spot.
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    Towing without Tow Package

    We didn't get the tow package and I don't really anticipate towing anything with the Explorer (I have a truck and an 18' 10,000# lowboy for that). However, I thought about buying the receiver hitch and installing it in the event that we ever towed a light load such as a mini-trailer (less than...
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    Will mirrors from a 2003 F150 fit an 03' Explorer?

    I'm looking at getting some tow mirrors for my 2003 Explorer, and searches for my truck have turned up nothing. I don't tow anything, I want the mirrors solely for looks, and the added visibility would obviously be a plus. The mirrors that come up for a 2003 F150 however, look very similar to...
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    boat towing with 2wd explorer

    I have a 2011 explorer limited 2wd with everything on it. I am wanting to purchase a boat this year but I have concerns with towing it out of the water. It will be around 4000lbs total weight. Does anyone have experience with this particular set up? Could anyone give me comforting news that I...
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    Is this hitch carrier something that will work for the '13 Explorer

    I have a 2013 Explorer LTD AWD with the tow package. I'm moving from VA to FL in a few weeks and am looking for options to take my motorcycle with me rather than having the movers take it and store it (my stuff will be in storage for a little while). Not sure if I can link Amazon here, but...
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    Quality trailer hitches

    I found a few trailer hitches on AutoAnything but, I want to know which manufacturer produces the best quality products. If anyone has any experience with Reese, Curt, or Hidden Hitch I would like to hear how they have been to you. All the hitches I found were under 200 and class 3. I would be...
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    Suspension/towing help/tips please!

    I have a 98 limited edition 4.0 explorer, my first vehicle so pretty attached and don't want to sell. I need something to pull my other car around to events. I'm sure the 4.0 can handle towing 5k lbs but I know for a fact suspension will sag once I put the trailer on. The truck already has the...
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    towing pop-up camper and bikes

    I'm hoping for some suggestions! We recently bought an all wheel drive 2014 Explorer with the tow package. We also have a pop up camper that we tow. We would also like to take our bikes camping. How do others haul the camper and bikes? We have a hitch mounted bike rack and are considering...
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    Tow Straps (Recommendations, Ideas, Suggestions)

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    Towing with 2010 Mountaineer 2WD 4.0L and 3:53, Mods Needed?

    Hi all, Dan here from the west Michigan coast... Have recently bought a '10 Mountaineer and have lots of questions regarding towing. My unit has a full-size AFTERMARKET class III/IV hitch installed (no controller or large trailer plug yet, that will be the first thing I do). 13k miles on the...
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    Hello Everyone. I am a retired military pilot trying to prep my new "LuvShack" 1999 Fleetwood Bounder 38S for my cross country travels. I dream of the salmon runs in Alaska and have never seen the grand canyon. I have a beautiful blue 2002 Explorer Sport Trac 4x4 and my "Sanctuary" a 24ft...
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    Tire pressure on Ex and utility trailer tires for towing

    Two part question. 1. What pressure should utility tires be inflated to for towing? I have a 5x8 trailer with the smaller 12-inch tires. The total cargo weight (two motorcycles plus gear) will be approximately 1200-1500 pounds including the trailer weight. 2. Do I need to adjust the tire...
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    2013 Explorer, do I need a brake controller?

    I recently purchased a 2013 Explorer with the factory installed tow package and I was curious if I needed to have a brake controller installed. I called the Ford Dealership in town and they indicated that Ford doesn't make brake controllers for the Explorer and I would have to buy an aftermarket...
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    2013 4WD Explorer - Towing Hybrid Trailer

    Last year my husband and I fell in love with and bought our 2013 Explorer. We didn't buy it with any intention of wanting to buy a camper, but now here we are a year and a half later, looking at travel trailers. Needless to say we did not get the tow package, but I've been told by the dealer the...
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    How to tell which Tow Package I have -- 2011 Exp XLT

    Hello - New to this forum and to the Explorer...so be gentle.... I have a 2011 Explorer XLT but not sure what towing package I have. I do have a "Tow" button.... but just not sure I have the oil/trans cooler. How do I tell what towing (if any) package or options I have?
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    New Ex Owner - Trailer Towing

    Hello all. I am happy to have found this forum, only wish it happened before I bought. My wife and I are the proud owner of a 13 XLT. An option it lacks from its build sheet is the 52T towing package (and some other minor items). When we bought it (preowned) from the ford dealer I was very...
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    Improving 5.0L fuel economy for towing

    Dear Members, What 2000 Explorer mods are the most effective and cost efficient to improve the fuel economy of the 5.0L V8? I am highway towing a 2,000 lb boat trailer. Better, (higher torque - smaller Ex valve) cylinder head? Higher compression? Aftermarket chip? Better flowing intake and...
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    Reciever hitch/ aftermarket fog lamps question

    I just bought a 2002 project explorer. It is the V6 XLT, and came with basically the base trim package for the exterior, and the completely pointless 1" receiver with 4-prong plug. My first question is... what does it entail upgrading to a factory 2" receiver with the bigger plug? Does the...
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    Safe to pull my Jeep with my Explorer?

    I have a '99 Explorer 4x4 with the 4.0 liter that my wife bought new. It's always been well maintained and taken care of and has always been there when we needed it. Last year I installed a Class III Curt hitch rated as follows: Gross Trailer Wt. = 4,000 Lbs. / Max Tongue Wt. = 400 Lbs. Wt...
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    Trailer Hitches and Towing- Expert Advice, Tips, Videos and FAQ's

    Towing is an important feature for any truck owner and having the right tools and information is critical to getting you and your payload safely to your destination. In this article, titled Trailer Hitches and Towing, we cover the basics and explore topics like brakes, wiring and installation...
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    Tow hitches and trailer accessories- Read 1000's of Reviews!!

    For those of you new to towing, choosing the right equipment is paramount for the safety of you and your cargo. Reviews prove to be a great way to help you choose the right products and is why we have 1,000's of reviews from customer's who have experienced them first hand! View our huge...
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    Increase Tow Capacity

    I have a 2010 Sport-trac and I'm looking for ways to squeeze a little more tow capacity out of it. Right now it is 100% stock with a class III/IV hitch. I would like it up to the neighborhood of 8000 lbs.
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    Towing and Transmission Cooler Advice

    Hello all, I have searched this forum and read threads related to Sport Trac towing and after-market transmission cooling but still need some advice. 03 Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin, 4x2, no towing package. 88k miles well maintained no issues. 4.10 limited slip axle. Class III hitch to...
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    Automatic Brake Controller?

    I have a 1998 5.0 Mountaineer. AWD. I have looked at many threads, and they all seem to almost answer my question... but not completely. I just bought a boat. The trailer is 910 pounds empty, and the dry weight of the boat is 2,800 pounds. So that puts me at a 3710 frequent tow job. A...
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    auto hauler towing with 98 sport

    Hello, Ive enjoyed this website and its helpfulness in making repairs on our 98 sport. It has saved alot of money-so thanks! One thread that was paticularly helpful was fixing a little spring in the door lock unit that saved about $100. Im thinking of using the ford to try and tow a car...