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    Replacing A TPS With Damaged Screws, How To

    A couple of years ago I got the idea of replacing my throttle position sensor since it was the stock part. I gave up after rounding the philips screws. I then tired to use a dremel to cut a slot into the screw heads but that didn’t work out too well. Recently, my absolute throttle position...
  2. 2

    4.0 OHV Absolute Throttle Position

    I’ve read threads on this site about the tps and it seems that 19.6% is the normal position for the TPS at idle. Mine has recently started dropping to 19.2% at times and I’m getting erratic rpms lately, like a 30-50 rpm change every second. The truck runs really smooth and the rpms stay steady...
  3. C

    2 questions in thread. New member so I apologize.

    So, I have been upgrading and restoring my 1997 Explorer XLT 4.0 OHV since I purchased it for under a Grand with 129,000 miles, almost a year ago this month. I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle at all and have put quite a few miles on (160,390) it from driving it to Florida and back...
  4. R

    Need Troubleshooting Help - Transmission Going Erratic

    Hey guys, I’m a longtime lurker that finally decided to join. This forum has given me a lot of the answers I’ve needed since I bought my first Explorer in 2014, but I have an issue with one I just bought that I’m stumped on. The vehicle is a 2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer, 4x4, V8 with 122k miles...
  5. A

    Bucking at acceleration and Vibrating at Idle

    I have a 1995 Ford Explorer OHV V6 XLT. At idle it vibrates a lot and at acceleration it seems to sputter. All air lines seem to be tight. I just put a new throttle position sensor in and all my spark plugs are moderately new. I did just order new wires which I will try soon, I don’t usually...
  6. X

    TPS sensor failure

    Hello everyone, yesterday was a normal day for my truck first school then out to lunch, upon leaving I didn't look at the dash upon startup but when I went to merge on the highway I quickly noticed Wrench light on, idle at 600 RPM, and gas pedal was very unresponsive Aka limp mode after pulling...
  7. P

    P2135 - Looks like TPS is bad

    Last night Driving at 70 mph through hills on cruise control I got a thunk and dropped out of CC, also flashing wrench on the dash for a moment. Manual throttle did not feel right but I could keep going. I noticed when I let off the throttle engine braking was much stronger than usual. Later...
  8. R

    Having idle issues and can't figure out the solution

    Hi there I'm new to this forum and hope this is the right place to ask this question since I can't find anyone with the same issue as me. I have a 1992 ford explorer 4.0 I just but this about a month ago. So the issue is when I first start it up the rpms jump to 2000 then slowly go down then...
  9. M

    2002 Explorer idles high when slowing down

    Hey, I have a 2002 Explorer 4.6L and I recently changed the IAC valve because when the car was cold it would not stay on. Changing the IAC did fix the issue of it not staying on when it was cold but now I find it pulls hard as I slow down to stop and once I am about to stop the rpm's drop and it...
  10. L

    '02 Explorer 4.6 idle issues. Where to start? Techies pls chime in

    2002 (10/06) Explorer 4.6, 4x4 First off there are no DTC's in the ECU Issues are: sporadic idle, stalling, idle after throttle sticks around 2000rpm, drops to 450-500rpm, delayed throttle response. Engine load at 21% at idle also TPS at 16.4%. This vehicle is giving me the run around. It...
  11. N

    Please Help P0320 p2106 2005 Explorer XLT 4.0L 55k miles

    Hi and thanks in advance for any replies. My 2005 Explorer started behaving erratically about 3 days ago. To make a long story short, I hooked up my scanner and got P2016 and P0320 codes. I cleared the codes, took apart the throttle body, cleaned it all out like new, checked the voltage to...
  12. C

    94 Ranger sticks at 900rpm after warm

    Hello, I am new to this forum. Have a 94 Ranger XL 2.3 (manual). I replaced most everything after a Craig list find and it runs OK now. IHC and TPS replacement improved idling considerably. However, a) If AC is off, RPM sticks at 900 after truck is warm, but it often returns to 700 on its...
  13. J

    2005 Mountaineer No pedal and more problems! Help!

    So I just got an 2005 Mountaineer V8 4.6L for my wife the other day, she needed something with 3rd row and we got a good deal on it... I think I see why.. Changed the power steering pump--that was a pain! Had some problems afterwards but realized when I put on a new drivebelt that I must of...
  14. S

    New member in need of a seasoned Ford mechanic.

    Hello guys and gals. I'm brand new here. I just posted in the 2006-2010 Stock Explorers Forum and I'm seeking help from a well seasoned Ford mechanic who knows '06 Explorers inside and out. I will trumpet your name from the rooftops if you can help me get my '06 Explorer back on the road...
  15. M

    Throttle Issue (Need Help!)

    (This question is resolved. This post has some symptoms while the answer to the problem is below.) Hello All, I have a 2002 Explorer XLT 4.6L V8. I have recently had some idle issues that I have been trying to work out. Originally, I my idle was jumping all over the place at stops (to the...
  16. 2

    TPS removal to clean TB?

    I want to clean my throttle body this weekend since its really bad, I've finally figured out how to remove the throttle cable by prying it off(I never found the way to remove it on here), now I'm just wondering if the TPS needs to be off the throttle body too before I clean it. I read somewhere...
  17. F

    RPM Drop

    I'm having an issue and I'm lost for ideas. I own a 2008 Explorer XLT 4.0l V6 with 70k on it. Had the transmission replaced under warranty with a rebuilt unit around 63k. Now when I start the car the RPMs jump up to 2k RPMs for about 30 seconds then back down to 600-800. Then as I come to a...
  18. 1

    fuel pressure or tps

    i have a rough idle, so i checked my fuel pressure and it woudnt hold 30-45 psi when i turn the key, so then i thought it would be the fuel presure regulator. but they are 125 dollars so i thought before i spent that money i would ask a few questions to make sure its not a 25 dollar tps sensor...
  19. C

    Stalls at idle, TPS?

    Hey guys, for the past year my 1995 (OHV) ex has intermittently stalled at idle, has a rough idle. Recently its gotten worse, if I give it gas while idling it won't stall. Also while driving at mid to higher speeds the ex randomly feels like its losing power or the transmission is...
  20. 2000StreetRod

    How to: Ford Explorer - Ranger TPS Test Procedure

    The PCM relies on the throttle position sensor (TPS) to determine closed throttle for idle and all other throttle positions for acceleration or deceleration. A defective TPS can result in unpredictable engine behavior. Testing the TPS is easy and costs nothing. You'll need a voltmeter with a...
  21. Brandon96

    TPS mod + OHV question...

    Will the TPS (throttle position sensor) mod I've read about work on the 4.0 OHV and how effective is it? past experiences anyone? And also, what is the advantage of an OHV over a SOHC? is there any whatsoever? I have the OHV and the power difference of the SOHC is killing me :( :( :(
  22. TPS sensor wires

    TPS sensor wires

    How to measure voltage on a 2nd generation Explorer's TPS.
  23. TPS underside

    TPS underside

    Underside of my TPS. How do I widen these holes?
  24. james t

    adjust your TPS (another free hp mod)

    adjust your TPS (another free "throttle response" mod) TPS- Throttle Position Sensor The TPS senses throttle movement and position, then transmits a voltage signal to the PCM. This signal enables the PCM to determine when the throttle is closed, in a cruise position, or wide open. after...