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    A little towing insight please?

    Hi there! So, I've been creeping on this forum for years and well, finally, I've found myself needing to post and ask for help! It's came in handy when it came to our Mountaineer (which made it to a whopping 432,000 miles), but that aside; I recently purchased a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT -...
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    Class 2 hitch receiver height problem

    I can't imagine I'm the only person with this problem My class 2 receiver height is 21", my trailer coupler is 12" high. NOBODY offers a 1 1/4" hitch ball mount with a drop of more than 6 inches. E-trailer rep said 3 inches off level is okay, but that leaves the camper's back end 6-7 inches...
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    Trailer Lights

    I'm trying to hook up trailer lights on my 2015 interceptor utility. Unfortunately the location to put the T junction shown for the regular explorer doesn't exist. Instead of a nice and easy place to unhook a wiring harness and hook the trailer lights in there's some kind of police light...
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    Is this hitch carrier something that will work for the '13 Explorer

    I have a 2013 Explorer LTD AWD with the tow package. I'm moving from VA to FL in a few weeks and am looking for options to take my motorcycle with me rather than having the movers take it and store it (my stuff will be in storage for a little while). Not sure if I can link Amazon here, but...
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    2006 Explorer Tire suggestions??

    I need help finding the right tires for my 2006 Ford Explorer XLT. I am pulling an 6x10 trailer and I need some heavy load tires. I am not trying to get ripped off from any dealership on what I need. My husband says that I need to change out the tires anyway. I am also going to need tires that...
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    Happy to be here on the forums. 4th Explorer!

    Hi. Very happy to be here on the forums. Have just recently purchased my 4th Explorer and I'm excited to learn more about this new vehicle and help contribute as well. I have a 2012 Explorer XLT fully loaded with Synch/ NAV, leather, V6 and all the other goodies. It's been a long road to here...
  7. W

    Need help troubleshooting trailer light issues

    I borrowed a trailer today and the owner of the trailer had it hooked to a Tacoma and the lights on the trailer work great (headlights on or off). Hook up to my Sport Trac and I get the following: Truck Headlights off: Trailer - brake lights work Trailer - left or right blinker causes both...
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    trailer wiring help

    Hey guys so I got a ford trailer wiring hook up and also tried the Hopkins adaptor and there's no power going to the the plug but I have tail brake and turn on the ex its a 96 4.0 is there any other fuses I can check the according to the manual its the same fuse for the truck lights and trailer...
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    Towing behind a Rental Truck?

    Dear fellow Ford enthusiasts, I have a '98 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD that needs to be towed from Texas to Colorado in a couple weeks. The plan is to rent a moving truck, with my Mountaineer on an auto transport trailer attached to the back of the rental truck. Problem is, Uhaul is charging...
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    Safe to pull my Jeep with my Explorer?

    I have a '99 Explorer 4x4 with the 4.0 liter that my wife bought new. It's always been well maintained and taken care of and has always been there when we needed it. Last year I installed a Class III Curt hitch rated as follows: Gross Trailer Wt. = 4,000 Lbs. / Max Tongue Wt. = 400 Lbs. Wt...
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    2013 Explorer trailer wire harness

    Hi all. I'm new here and hope I didn't post to the wrong place. I just got my 2013 base explorer and added a hitch to it. I didn't figure I'd tow anything but now I think I might be using a small utility trailer. On the right passenger side under the rear bumper, there appears to be the...
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    Trailer hitch installation.

    I bought a trailer hitch installation for my van today as I"m going on a long trip to Ohio from Oregon starting on the 2nd of August. I needed the trailer hitch to pull a 5x8 enclosed trailer filled to the brim with tons of stuff. My problem is after assembling the darndable thing (there was a...
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    3rd stoplight not working on 95 explorer XLT 2wd

    Okay, I just read the post about fixing that by cleaning the trailer harness connector, but the problem is that I DON'T have one. I looked on the driver and passenger side stop lamps underneath and I don't have one (maybe only those with class III towing had them?) so maybe the ballast and/or...
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    Increase Tow Capacity

    I have a 2010 Sport-trac and I'm looking for ways to squeeze a little more tow capacity out of it. Right now it is 100% stock with a class III/IV hitch. I would like it up to the neighborhood of 8000 lbs.
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    Enclosed Trailer size recommendation??

    Hey everyone! I have a 2002 Sport Trac, V6 4X4 with 4.10 rear end gears (not sure if I have a tranny cooler). I am wanting to pull an enclosed trailer with it, but was a little "iffy" on the max length. Was thinking maybe a 6X12, or 7X14, what have you guys pulled?? Any opinions welcome...
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    1998 Explorer Trailer Lights

    Hello everyone, New to the forum. I have seen many posts for related probelms but not for the one I have. I have a problem that I just haven't been able to figure out in my hours of working on my explorer and several more hours searching the web. I have a 1998 Explorer and I no longer...
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    Travel Trailer Wiring on 2005 Sport Trac

    I've got a 2005 4x4 Sport Trac that I need to have the 8 pin connector for wiring my travel trailer (w/brakes). What I've found so far is a 4 pin connector located under the bumper a little on the drivers side. I've looked around the forum and saw some notes that there MAY be an 8 pin...
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    97 xlt trailer question

    i have a 97 with no plugs for a trailer (7 pin) i looked in the rear to see if there is anything, but sadly no. has someone wired for a 7pin in their explorer, i have diagrams but there are 2 harnesses in the rear panel thanks for your help
  19. R

    Rear View Camera and Trailer Hitch

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I backed it up, nudged the hitch with the ball, put the Explorer in park, hit the brake, shut it off, walked around back, gave the trailer a shove and dropped it right on the ball. That easy, that fast. Incredible!!!! What is especially cool is that the dashed line...
  20. 1992 Aerostar trailer wiring schematic.

    1992 Aerostar trailer wiring schematic.

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    Trailer Length

    I have an 06 limited with a trailer package, it tows 7300 lbs. I am looking to get an enclosed trailer to haul motocross bikes and equipment. I was wondering what would be a size that the truck could handle. Im looking at either a 14ft v-nose or a 16 foot v-nose, each with tandem axles...
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    Hi folks. I've read a few posts here and there over the years since I owned an Explorer. I really love mine, even though it doesn't get the gas mileage it used to. If I ever get a new (faster or more efficient) car, I plan on keeping my X for the U in SUV. The reason I've finally decided...
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    shock absorbers for towing 5th wheel?

    I recently bought a 99 explorer from my father for a good price. It has the hitch and brake controller for a trailer. My only concern is that the Explorer sits very low in the rear once the 5th wheel is added. Can you recommend shocks brand or upgrade I should add? Thanks. Currently the truck...
  24. 3 prong trailer connector.

    3 prong trailer connector.

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    Cant Find trailer plug

    so from what i have been reading, explorers have trailer plug whether you have a tow package or not and that wire is suppose to be tucked under the bumper. unfortunately, i cannot find mine anywhere. i have slid under the explorer and searched the entire bumper for it and well its not there...