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tranmission problems

  1. T

    06 explorer 4.6 2WD - acceleration issues at low speed

    V8 explorer 2006 - 270k miles The problem I'm having is when accelerating. Any light pressure on the gas causes a stutter/vibration from what I think is the transmission. Any significant press on the gas it accelerates fine. Good response. No hesitation and actually gets up nicely.. no issues...
  2. P

    Hello from Kentucky

    Just bought a 2003 Ford Explorer 4x4 4.0 6cyl. It has a few problems I would like to fix. The O/D light stays on and blinking. Driver side power window not working and the driver power set. It drives great and after replacing the tires it drives better. Although I'm worried about the O/D light...
  3. E

    overdrive and 4 wheel switch

    I have 1995 explorer expedition 4x4. 4 wheel drive with on dashboard does not work and overdrive light blinks is stuck in overdrive off.Could this GEM, is this a dealer only part? thanks for info ed
  4. W

    No reverse unless In 4 low

    I have a 1995 Ford Explorer xlt automatic 4x4. I bought the car and everything worked fine then I checked the tranny fluid and it was a little low so I topped it off. After I topped it off reverse quit pulling. When you put it in reverse you can feel it change and it will work a little unless...
  5. M

    HELP!! Lost All Gears in Sport Trac

    So my 02 Sport Trac has 178k miles on it. I use it as a spare vehicle now so it does not get driven much. Only 4k miles last year. Runs Great never any problems with transmission. About a year ago I found the Tranny Cooler Line had a leak, so i repaired it and topped it off with a half quart...
  6. N

    A4LD troubles

    Hello all first time on here any help would be appreciated. Recently was given a 94 Eddie Bauer for free because the transmission has issues, here is what it does. Basically it is stuck in drive or one of the forward gears. Any position you put the leaver it still moves forward no neutral or...
  7. 5spdman


    ok, here's the quick story: i have a 93 explorer sport with a blown head gasket and body mounts rusting out...since working in AZ, i found a 91 xlt with a good motor, but it needed a tranny...easy fix! both 4x4, both manual transmission.... here's the problem: got the tranny up into the...
  8. B

    1992 4x4 transmission issue?

    Hi I'm new to the forum but I'm Jonny and I'm from Mesa, AZ. So I recently bought a 92 Explorer 4x4 off cl that I finally was able to get registered (Lein problems from previous owner). So now that that's finally taken care of now it has to have transmission problems. It was taking a while to...
  9. 2

    Loud Noise/Vibration? (Video)

    I've been trying to figure out why my truck is vibrating badly and making a strange noise. My transmission was dropped last Friday to replace the rear main seal and as soon as I drove it home, it would vibrate in gear at low rpms(below 800). The shop told me to wait till Friday because the...
  10. F

    Disconnected battery/Tranny issue

    Last night I disconnected the battery on my 2005 Explorer XLS and now the OD light is flashing and check transmisson message is displayed. I disconnected the battery 3 more times for about an hour each time with no change. All of the fuses check out ok and the tranny seems to be shifting...
  11. D

    Lost 5th Gear After New Clutch & Slave Cylinder

    Had some work done on my 1997 Ford Explorer 5 Speed Manual 4WD, slave cylinder had been going bad and well....it went! New clutch kit, new slave cylinder, flywheel resurfaced, they had problems bleeding the system, but they said it was "fixed" The clutch felt a lot different!! Hard to push...