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trans cooler replacement

  1. Transmission Cooler 2

    Transmission Cooler 2

  2. B

    New to Forum, need some advice

    Hi Guys, I just got a 2007 Eddie Bauer 7 passenger 4.0 Explorer with 90k miles. I drove it from Michigan to Colorado and enjoy how quite and smooth it is compared to my Ranger. It also gets better mileage which is nice. I have been lurking here from quite some time reading about the various...
  3. acabtp

    FIXED - replacing stock trans cooler?

    the external trans cooler on my '97 mountaineer (v8 awd 4r70w) is leaking. the one in front of the rad, not inside it. i've sourced an OEM style replacement, new lines, EFI style clamps, etc... but how do i get at the cooler to swap it out? do i need to take the radiator out? or the grille...