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    4R70W Interchangeability

    Ive read thread after thread looking for a definitive answer to this question. Will any 4r70w from a rwd mustang, crown vic, or even a f150 bolt up to my 1999 5.0 rwd explorer
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    1998 explorer 4x4 trans not engaging when cold

    Transmission suddenly disconnecting when the car is "cold" We bought a '98 explorer from a neighbor like 2 years ago, at that moment the transmission already was having some issues, first of all, it couldn't engage "parking" so it had to be left in reverse for you to take off the key from the...
  3. M

    Anybody know what this is??

    Does anybody know what this is? Found in the bottom of my transmission pan. It's been slipping pretty bad lately so I figured I would drop the pan and check for metal shavings and replace the filter and fluid. This is what I found. Also, is that considered a lot of metal shavings? Trying to...
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    Sport Trac 4.0 Shift Cable Bushing

    Wanted to post this because I found little information dealing with the 2nd gen Sport Trac’s shifter cable heat shield. The good news is that it’s designed to snap off and snap back on. The bad news is that the clip in BushingFix’s cable repair kit lacks the notches needed to attach the heat...
  5. S

    Transmission deceleration issue.

    Hi all, My 2015 explorer interceptor when I hard brake it decelerate hard and if I press gas pedal to take off, does not respond right away. It's like deceleration is still on. Please help with issue. Car has 175K miles and I'm 2nd owner. Any suggestions please what issue could be.
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    93 to 94 explorer a4ld swap

    Hey guys. So a while ago my ****ty auto a4ld went out on my 94 sport. I was considering doing a manual swap, but just decided to keep an a4ld in it. I bought a donor car which was a 93 4 door explorer, same tranny just a mechanical transfer case. I swapped tranny from the 93 into my 94 and kept...
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    5r55s from a 2007 compatible in the 2008 model year?

    Im swapping a rebuilt 5r55s from a 2007 explorer limited trim 4x4 with the 4.0 into my dd 2008 explorer xlt trim 4x4 with the 4.0 as well. Curious if im gonna running into any compatibility issues when i go to swap them, particularly with the ecm/tcm? Will the 2007 5r55s plug and play with the...
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    '01 Explorer ST Transmission Swap - Missing sensor hole.

    Hiya! I am doing a transmission swap on my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (5R55E), and I noticed that on my replacement unit, there is a missing sensor above the shifter. The replacement transmission is coming from a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT Limited, if that is helpful. Is there any way around...
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    swapping a 2004 explorer transmission in a 2003

    I posted this on an explorer FB page already, but I figured I'd get some more recommendations here. I have a 03 4.0 4x4 that the OD band broke and shot metal through the transmission. I was originally planning on rebuilding it myself, but would rather swap in a good trans and save a lot of time...
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    Auto Trans Downshifts

    Hello, I have a 1992 Explorer 4x4 with an auto trans and recently it started what seems to be downshifting to a lower gear on its own when driving down the street. Havent had any other issues with the trans since I have owned it which has been several years now. When I first got the Expo I...
  11. J

    Help with Transmission removal

    Hello im in the process of removing by auto trans form an 02 sport. Ultimately the trans will be scrapped and switched with a manual. I have all the bell housing bolts out and the trans still wont come off. Tried prying, banging and ratchet straps. Ive done this once before (not the manual swap...
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    2002 Explorer 4.6L takes longer to shift. O/D light flickers misfire cylinder 4

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Today I bought a 2002 explorer with 142,000 miles. I have a youngreat family and I plan to use the Explorer to pull a 6×12 enclosed trailer 2500 miles across the country to relocate. When I got the Explorer the engine light came up with a cylinder 4 misfire. Now...
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    Trans Slip turning left

    Hi everyone, First time posting, had a bit of an issue with my 96 explorer today. I went to take a relatively sharp left hand corner, not slow but not too fast either wasn't hooning around or anything, and I heard a sharp squealing noise, went to accelerate and the transmission had slipped...
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    5r55e - Installation Lessons Learned - HELP!

    2004 sport XLT 4.0 - 180,000 the transmission started acting up. Initially it slipped and I got the blinking o/d light like so many others. With some experimentation, I found that I could drive the tuck fine as long as I operated it manually. I would have to start off in low with the o/d...
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    problems with transmission

    I'm having problems first j got screwed when I traded for it which has barely been two weeks and already a tranny because mine would not **** into o/d and staryin whinny carried it to a transmission shop they said I needed a new tranny so I got a used one got it n and nothing changed so I've...
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    Help, oil leak!

    Hi friends! My 99' EB X is leaking tansmission oil :( Do I need to take off the tranny to fix that? :eek: It has the V8 with almost 200k miles on it. Also I think rear axle is leaking because it is too moist but, I can't see any drop or anything Please this is driving me crazy! I will...
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    Trans problem

    I have a 94 explorer but do not know which trans I have. I was driving down the road the other day when the truck died I put it in neutral and started the truck up but when dropping it into drive or any of the drive gears she just dies without any sounds. I have been told by 3 different people...
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    Coolant in Trans lines?

    My concern: I see fresh coolant "seeping" from the upper transmission cooler line going into the radiator. From everything I read on here, the ATF pressure should be high enough that if the radiator tank (or gasket?) were to break the barrier between coolant and ATF lines that ATF would seep...
  19. J

    1996 Ranger. Clutch MC replacement, HELP!

    I am in the process of replacing the clutch master cylinder in my 96 ranger, i have disconnected everything from the pedal but i cant get the hydrolic lines off of the slave cylinder, any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  20. W

    Help Engiune Chugging TRANs issue?

    I have a 07 eddie bauer 4.6l with 78,000 recently it seems to be chugging almost like a sputter when im in 4th or 5th gear 40-60 also if i step on the gas hard it slips out feel like the trans droped on the road. I recently put a K&N intake on it and also and flowmaster 50 series on i removed...
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    It has reverse but won't shift into drive.

    I have a '94 explorer 4wd auto trans. It will shift into reverse or park with only a slight 4sec delay but OD, D, 2, and 1 give it a 90sec to never delay on the shift. Once in gear It shifts just smooth between 1, 2, 3, etc.... It has ATF and I changed the trans vacuum modulator. I think it...
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    A4ld Torn gaskets...

    Hello everyone, well after rebuilding my trans(waiting to put back in) i decided to post some pics of the old gaskets... Can anyone tell me what these tears could/would do? I already know what they caused i just would like to get someone elses opinion.. .:p: here are the pics...
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    Needs tips on replacing engine

    Hi everyone. I am going to attempt to replace my 4.6 in my 02 explorer. Does anyone have experience replacing one before?? Do I need to take the trans out first?? Is there any tricks or tips you can share?? I bought a Haynes manual. And it says the trans needs removed. I'm not sure why this is...
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    99 sohc auto fluid level>? help please

    i have a 99 sohc auto i did a trans swap and started filling it with fluid .i was able to drain cooler,i put 5 quarts of fluid in it already and still no reading on the stick.the fluid is not on the ground or in the radiator so where is it going .any help would greatly appreciated
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    a4ld tranny swap

    Ok so Im sick of fiddling with that stupid transmission, It takes forever to engage and it wont shift out of first when its cold unless i manually override it. I have heard you could swap a 700r4 transmission or a c5. If someone had a link to a write up with pictures, or tell me exactly what...