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transfer case issues

  1. A

    4X4 Will shift into Low but not High 4x4

    Adjusting 4x4 control knob, can hear clunk when TC shifts into/out of Low, but when set to High 4x4, it does not engage. Dash light indicates 4x4 High, no light flashing going on. Any ideas? Also, earlier, had front wheels off ground, engine running, in Park, put into 4x4 High and I can turn...
  2. P

    2002 Explorer XLT Trasnfer Case locked in 4WD

    I found this place trying to figure out how to fix my transfer case problem on my 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. It has an AWD/4WD transfer case that is locked into 4WD all the time causing major issues for turning. I looked around the old threads but didn't find much in the way of my specific issue...
  3. S

    Broken AWD. Bad Viscous coupler? Bad Driveshaft?

    Little background, It's a 2000, XLT Explorer, V8, AWD 163k. Not sure of what Tcase or transmission. Anyways. I'm not sure what the issue is. Here is a video of what it does. It doesn't do it nearly as bad on dry surfaces. But it still does it...
  4. S

    possibly Tcase issue? And other issue...

    A little about my rig, It is a 2000 Model. XLT, Automatic, V8 and AWD. It has 163k miles on it. The issue is, Whenever accelerating it sounds like something is grinding / slipping almost. It stops after about 30mph... And it only does it when accelerating. It's hard to describe.. Like a...
  5. GeoMimi89

    PTU Problems

    I only have 2800 miles on the Ex. Found an oil spot on the ground in the garage and took it in. Ford said its a PTU seal leak. It's about a two to three hour job. They got the part for me in one day, taking it in next week! Has anyone had a PTU seal leak yet?
  6. H

    Stuck in 4wd auto

    I have a 98 ford explorer XLT, it's stuck in 4wd auto with the dash selector on 2wd, and no 4wd light on the dash. so in neutral feet on brake selecting from 2wd to 4wd auto there is no click and cant hear it switch in the tranfer case but the 4wd auto light cames on. selecting from 4wd auto to...
  7. A

    Need some quick advice

    Okay, have a 5.0L with the 4R70W and the AWD tcase. I am having issues with either my tcase or my transmission. It moves in reverse, but soon as I put it in drive, 1, 2... does NOThing now. It was the last couple days slowly moving and then it would catch up and drive fine. So my question is...