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transfer case

  1. M

    Anybody know what this is??

    Does anybody know what this is? Found in the bottom of my transmission pan. It's been slipping pretty bad lately so I figured I would drop the pan and check for metal shavings and replace the filter and fluid. This is what I found. Also, is that considered a lot of metal shavings? Trying to...
  2. Wrath

    Extra hole on transfer case?

    So now I'm working on my lady's 97 XLT, about to pull and rebuild the transmission. I got the transfer case out last night and noticed there's an extra hole in the front half of the case; drivers side around the corner from the breather hose. This hole is not present on my Limited's transfer...
  3. T

    Automatic to manual transmission swap

    Alrighty I have a 95 2nd gen that I've replaced the auto in and its making me pull my hair out so I've decided to swap it to a manual. There is plenty of threads on here and i have been doing research on here and the ranger forums and i have secured a 96 4.0 4x4 M5OD from a 96 ranger and all of...
  4. M

    Knock/pop noise from drivetrain

    When accelerating, I hear a loud knock or pop noise coming from the drivetrain. I pulled the rear diff cover off and the ring & pinion looked good. Some of the spider gears looked pitted, but none broken, and no sign of metal shavings. I dropped the front driveshaft and the noise was still...
  5. F

    Wanted: Manual T-Case Shifter Bezel/Boot

    Looking for 91-94 manual transfer case shifter boot and plastic bezel and any related hardware/gaskets/etc. where the shifter comes through the floor. Text or call Russ, five6two 8five8 sixnine2six. Thanks.
  6. B

    Replacing Viscous Coupler on 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD

    Hello Explorers, I have removed my transfer case, Taken it apart, replaced the bearing and bushing with both seals in front half of case. I have brand new VC and chain to install. Just now I realized that the viscous coupler is trapped onto this hollow shaft by a pressed on bearing on one...
  7. R

    1996 Explorer 4WD question

    Hey guys having a difficult time diagnosing my issue. My vehicle is a 1996 Explorer 2D 4.0 v6 5 speed. Power everything & everything is functioning. so I put the vehicle into 4wd (auto 4wd) i can hear the shift motor working, I inspected the vacuum axle disconnect, it works flawlessly. I put...
  8. N

    2nd gen(1996) frame, chassis parts

    Hi, I took the body off of my 1996 explorer 4 door. It was a 4.0 6 cylinder. The frame has some surface rust but no rot. The frame has the front suspension complete, 3.73 gears. Rack and pinion steering, front driveshaft, transfer case. Gas tank. The rear springs are there, rear axle has been...
  9. C

    Yet another ‘04 4.0 to 4.6 Swap

    Hello! I know, this has been asked before. But wait, read on. I have an ‘04 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 with the 4.0 and a donor with 4.6 AWD. I’d like to keep the 4wd instead of using AWD. When I swap everything over, will the t-case from the 4.0 work with the 4.6? thank you!
  10. S

    Engaged 4WD without front propeller shaft installed.

    I removed the propeller shaft out of my 2001 Sport Trac trying to narrow down a vibration. Anyways, not knowing there is an issue with doing this, I engaged 4WD. I previously had the transfer case apart and wanted to test to make sure there were no weird noises in 4WD. Have I caused any damage...
  11. S

    Viscous Coupler bad

    A simple question i think. My viscous coupler is bad is binding up on sharp turns. Before I spend the money for a new one or used transfer case, does anyone know if adding a friction modifier to the fluid or replacing the existing fluid with the Ford transfer case fluid would free up the...
  12. M

    AWD to 4x4 Conversion

    Hey, I have a 2004 Lincoln Aviator with the 4.6L DOHC and AWD(as I think they all are) and was curious as to what it would take to swap the AWD system with a 4x4 system from a 3rd gen explorer so I can have a low range. Im not sure if this is even possible. I saw someone one here post a how to...
  13. TC Stick Installed

    TC Stick Installed

  14. TC Stick Installed

    TC Stick Installed

    Leg Room
  15. TC Stick Installed

    TC Stick Installed

  16. Spudhut

    Transfer Case ID Needed

    Can anyone ID this Transfer Case. I was at the JY on my lunch and It was sitting in front of a 95(?) F150 that I was pulling the steering box lines off of. Curiosity got the best of me...can the yokes from this be used on BWW4406? Im guessing No... It looks similar to the BW4406 and the trans...
  17. E

    Transfer Case Leaking

    I just changed the filter and fluid in the transmission and noticed the transfer case is leaking. It looks like it's leaking from the bottom of the transfer case where it looks like there is a gasket. The only thing they sell at Autozone is the Output seal - which seems to be okay. I found a...
  18. K

    Diagnosing Transfer Case on 4wd

    Hi, I've read many many threads and I believe my problem to be the transfer case....none of the threads I read have my symptoms though. This all occurred in the last 10 miles 2002 ford explorer, 4x4, eddie bauer. Here is goes...... The truck jerks/bucks while at a complete stop with the...
  19. W

    Trying to figure out the VSS situation on my 96 Sport.

    I've got a bad VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) on my 1996 4.0 with an M5R1 5-Speed but the only info I can seem to find is the VSS for the automatic which, I'm under the impression, is mounted on the transmission tail shaft. On mine the VSS is mounted on the transfer case just above the Transfer Case...
  20. 3

    91 Ranger 4.0l Manual Transmission

    Hi, I had to replace the slave cylinder on my Ranger. Had to drop the tranny to get to it. In order to drop the tranny, I separated the transfer case from the transmission and when I was got them separated, I noticed a very thin, now mangled washer lying on the driveway. Ford dealership wasn't...
  21. D

    96 explorer 4.0 5spd numerous issues

    back story is about 2months ago I bought a 96 as stated in the title. kid I bought it from said he'd replaced clutch, but now had no reverse. sure enough he was right. engine was solid and body was great for around here. when driving could hear a rotating part whine, I assumed he'd put throw...
  22. EGruner

    2010 Explorer 4412 TC noise diagnosis help needed -video

    2010 Explorer V6. I have a Clunking "ratcheting" sound when I put it into gear. As the driveshaft spins it sounds like it's coming from the transfer case. It also continues to spin for a few seconds with a higher faster, but similar, noise... like it doesn't go into park. I am wondering if...
  23. B

    1999 Explorer Transfer Case Leak

    Hi, I have a 1999 Explorer V8 AWD and I have a leak coming from the front of the transfer case. I was hoping to get some ideas on what the issue could be and how I would go about fixing it. Would there be any harm in just topping off the oil every once in a while and just let it leak? I've also...
  24. A

    binding when turning

    i just bought a 98 auto 4x4 for 400 bucks and fixed the power steering now when i turn sometimes it binds then you will hear a loud pop and then its fine and the 4x4 lights will flash. i disconnected the transfer case motor and drive it and it did not do it. now i was on a navigator forum and...
  25. E

    Just drove home my new (old) 1997 5.0L AWD - transfer case issue?

    Just picked up my new used Explorer with 100k. My previous was a 2002 Explorer 4.0L. So the 50 mile trip home was my first experience and it feels very different than the 2002. Its also my first experience with AWD. So - no I don't think I'm paranoid but I am trying to figure out what the new...