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    1998 explorer 4x4 trans not engaging when cold

    Transmission suddenly disconnecting when the car is "cold" We bought a '98 explorer from a neighbor like 2 years ago, at that moment the transmission already was having some issues, first of all, it couldn't engage "parking" so it had to be left in reverse for you to take off the key from the...
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    05 explorer P1711 TFT sensor

    My 05 explorer recently threw a check transmission light along with the O/D light flashing. Read the codes and am getting P0713 trans temp and P1711 TFT sensor. Could this be a bad TFT sensor? And can anyone help me in locating the TFT sensor. I checked trans temp and trans fluid temp and it...
  3. T

    Transmission not engaging without revving up

    I have 2007 Explorer 4.0 2WD 5r55s transmission that works weird recently. I've got transmission line popped out last month and lots of fluid came out. They fixed the line and filled the fluid. They explained it was a bad trans radiator. But after the repair I noticed the transmission started...
  4. D

    Check Engine and blinking OD light: 2000 Exp XLT

    I was doing a short drive, around half an hour both ways, while I was going to my destination, my check engine light came on, then on my way back from my destination the OD light started blinking, at that time, I could smell something burning, I wasn't going over 65 mph, and I wasn't having any...
  5. V

    2004 Ford Explorer

    Hello! My mother passed away and she owned a 2004 Ford Explorer (Eddie edition) the transmission has blown and I was wondering how do I know which transmission it’ll need? Can I use a transmission from let’s say a 2002 Ford Explorer? Sorry not sure how any of this works. Thank you!
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    2006 FE EB Transmission Issues

    I just purchased a 2006 Explorer EB with 167K (roughly) and drove it 1.5hrs home. I then was driving around town just fine. I had a vehicle check from Firestone within 48hrs of getting it home just so I could have a print out of what needed to be fixed. Couple of days later, I drove it an hour...
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    98 Explorer shifting and battery drain issues. Linked?

    I have two problems on my 1998 Ford Explorer 5.0 V8, and I don’t know if they’re related in any way. Can anyone help me straighten out what’s going on. First is the shifter that’s at issue. Starting off, the tranny was rebuilt 2 to 3 years ago. Also, I just went into the dash, and replaced the...
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    P0715 Error code, 2016 Base Model

    My 2016 Base model Explorer will drive fine in first, it will upshift once but feel as if it is losing power, and the car lurches and clunks into 3rd gear, losing almost all power to the wheels. The dash then flashes "See Manual". The check engine light is on steady. The code reader said it...
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    5r55s whining noise

    I have a 2008 ford explorer. Front cooler got clogged. I got a new case with the bore already reamed and sleeved. Used a 2005 ford mustang for parts. I used every single part except the torque converter. I used another torque converter i had for a 2007 explorer. Installed the transmission. Drove...
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    Transmission clunk(metal on metal) when when first shifting from 1st into 2nd gear

    Hello, I have a 2005 ford explorer 4.0. it has 195k miles on it and i assume the second transmission in it (but I don't really know, i just read that those 5r55s transmissions blow up at about 135k miles). I did 3 pan drops and fills and had to replace the solenoid pack. My transmission makes a...
  11. Y


    Hello everyone i have a problem with my Ford Explorer 2010 and i would be really grateful if you could help me the car is showing 2 warning lights other than the low pressure warning i went to check on these lights and i got this as a result i understood everything beside the last one...
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    Need professional help with transmission (6f55)

    Hey, I cannot find any help with my problem on any forums. My problem is that since some time I can always notice while decelerating the car the shift from 6th to 5th gear. It happens around 43 mph. The shift is not hard, but i can notice it with my body. All other shifts while decelerating the...
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    08 Ford explorer limited transmission question

    I have an 08 Ford Explorer and on a trip back from Las Vegas after about 4 hrs going back home the check engine light came after having the light check it came up as PO775 pressure control solenoid B took it to transmission shop to have fluid changed but there stated need a new transmission...
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    96 Explorer 4R55E automatic "slippage"

    So I've been trying to nail this problem down for a while now 6+ months. So I bought this truck from my aunt knowing it didn't have O.D. (238,000 miles and a lot of mountain trips) and figured it might be a fun project to rip apart the trans and see what's going on. Long story short I have not...
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    Transmission Mount Opinion

    So I’ve had a vibration in the cabin that’s gotten worse over the years ever since my transmission was lifted off the mount to replace the rear main seal. It’s noticeably worse when in drive or reverse at a stop, but gets better when in park or neutral. Indicating that the vibration occurs when...
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    Solenoid Calibration

    I had someone take out one of my selenoid bushings without measuring the depth. Any idea what kind of problems that could cause?
  17. M

    2003 V8 4WD leaking transmission fluid after towed

    This is my favorite car I’ve ever owned. Yesterday, the starter went out (I think) because it wouldn’t crank or anything. (Tried jumping, swapping relays, no luck) So I called AAA to have them tow it to my house at lunch today, where I could jack it up and replace / troubleshoot the starter...
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    2002 ford explorer v6 xlt drivetrain thumping

    Hello, Besides some other tranny work I'm about to do, I've developed an intermittent thumping. It started after driving on a smaller spare tire, now replaced. The thumping occurs at higher speeds, 40+) particularly while decelerating without breaking. once started it tends to stay on a while...
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    Servo bore help 2000 ford explorer

    Alright so I have a 2000 ford explorer, she starts like a dream, engines alittle old and theres a few parts here and there that needed replacing but all in all shes a decent car, however ive had an issue lately where the transmission wont shift between gears and my rpms will shoot up. The only...
  20. R

    Need Troubleshooting Help - Transmission Going Erratic

    Hey guys, I’m a longtime lurker that finally decided to join. This forum has given me a lot of the answers I’ve needed since I bought my first Explorer in 2014, but I have an issue with one I just bought that I’m stumped on. The vehicle is a 2008 Explorer Eddie Bauer, 4x4, V8 with 122k miles...
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    Transmission Issue? Brand New 2018 Platinum

    I have a new 2018 Platinum, ordered in February and delivered in April. After about 500 miles noticed a fairly loud hum/harmonic noise when the car reaches 20 mph, 30 mph and about 45 mph. It appears to only be an annoying vibration noise as I don't feel anything in the driveability. It happens...
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    Odd transmission behavior

    hi I own a 2008 Explorer Limited with the 4.6 with 125k. A couple weeks ago I started to notice odd shifting in and out of 2nd gear. It mostly happens when it tries to down shift. I’ll be slowing to come to a stop and it will shift down hard when I’m almost completely stopped. (It seems like...
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    Transmission Fluid Fill Tube Part # ?

    Hey guys, I have a 2004 Sport Trac, and the transmission fluid fill tube is rusted so severely that it is coming apart in large flakes of rust. Due to this, it's developed a slow leak. I've been searching and having trouble finding a part number for this. Does anyone know the Ford part number...
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    Transmission Slipping - Updated 8/23/22 Back in the shop!

    Sort of an update to the "Nagging Issues". In the old thread, the truck did not want to go into reverse. It would wait until the gas peddle was tapped bringing the rpms up then it would hard-shift into reverse. Dealer couldn't duplicate the error even tho they changed parts previously to it...
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    96 trans fit a 91 explorer

    looking for info on what to be done swapping trannys a 96 explorer trans to a 91. ive seen the 96 trans is electronic do I got to swap all the wiring harness including engine harness? need help thanks.