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transmission cooler

  1. N

    2020 Ford Explorer Transmission Issues

    Bought 2020 Ford Explorer after 3 months the transmission cooler went out. They ensured me no damaged was done to the transmission. 2.5 yrs later I need a new transmission at 70,000 miles. My brake pads lasted longer that the transmission. Per dealership damage was done due to excessive heat...
  2. Elessar65

    5R55E cooler line fitting at trans

    Long ago, I smashed flat the metal lines for the cooler that run under the rad. I cut them out and replaced them with rubber back then. I've long since replaced the stock external cooler with one that came with AN fittings (which I replaced with barbs for said rubber line), I'm tired of...
  3. S

    Help with 5R55E transmission issues

    I have an Explorer Sport Trac with the 5R55E automatic transmission. It has been having some issues for a while which I am trying to repair completely. The issues I have are below. 1.) After transmission is warm and if I make a stop at the store and shut the truck off for maybe 15-45 minutes...
  4. Transmission Cooler 2

    Transmission Cooler 2

  5. Transmission Cooler 1

    Transmission Cooler 1

  6. U

    2007 Explorer Adding Aux Transmission Cooler for Towing

    Hello explorer forum, I'm trying to tow a Little overweight on my 3500 lbs rated ford. I have already added the 7 pin connector and brake controller. Now I'm thinking about adding a trans cooler for towing approx 4500 lbs. Who has done this? What products did you use and how was your experiences?
  7. J

    Transmission Cooler?

    I have a 3rd gen 2003 Ford Explorer with a 4.6 SOHC 16 valve V-8 engine. Does this vehicle come stock with a transmission cooler, and if not, do I really need one? It's a rare occasion I would ever have to tow more than 3,000 # with my truck. If i do need one, any reccomendations?