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transmission problem

  1. C

    2010 sport trac shifts to reverse but slips under power.

    Hello all, Recently my '10 sport trac (the 4.0l engine) started acting up when in reverse. It shifts into gear fine and it rolls backward in gear fine (on flat ground when I release the brake it begins rolling backward like it's in gear) but when I try to give it any gas it slips and doesn't...
  2. P

    My first post and my first problem

    Hello everyone, my first post is about a problem that started today with my 2013 Explorer police utility. I was stopped at a stoplight and there was a car in front of me. When light turned green I pressed the gas pedal to go but the car in front didn't go so I braked. when he did go I started...
  3. B

    No Drive in D but have reverse

    I've got myself a '98 XLT 4x4 SOHC 4.0. Haven't posed before so don't really know my way round here. Looks like a great site. Here in OZ, bit harder to find info. I have the trans issues people often mention.Mine seems a little rarer in that I can take off in second only( no drive in D) but...
  4. M

    1999 Explorer- stalls in reverse

    I have a 99 Explorer with 160k on it. (V6, 4L) About 8 months ago it started to rev hard starting up, jumping to about 3 to 4 RPM. Which was concerning, then slowly it started to rev up when I had my foot on the break at stop lights, fast food, traffic. That slowly turned into revving up and...
  5. J

    2002 Ford Explorer Sport - Potential Transmission Problems

    Hello, I'm currently looking at buying an '02 Explorer Sport 2WD. I have heard about the transmission problems with the '02-'04 Explorers and wanted to get a few more opinions before making a decision. It currenly has 103,000 miles and looks good as far as the engine goes. I've taking it on two...
  6. P

    2000 explorer

    While driving to work (100kph 5th gear) the transmission(5r55e)gave a shudder followed by blue smoke .The engine bay was coated in transmission fluid (I would say was blown from breather pipe) now have no drive but can get reverse (just).After removing the pan and valve body the gaskets seem to...
  7. T

    I need some help with my truck please

    I got a 1994 Ford Explorer XLT. I just did a transmission job on it, and now the truck wont start at all. Before i started the job it started up and ran just fine. Now it wants to crank over but it just wont start. Ive tried shooting starter fluid into the intake and on the air filter for the...
  8. D

    99 Ex slight auto 5sp Problem

    Hi all, first some information about the explorer. 99 SOHC, Automatic 5sp, auto 4x4, never been in an accident or had any rebuilt work done on it, 248K. I bought this thing a couple of weeks ago and everything runs great (has a hard time starting but I think i've figured that problem out). It...
  9. J

    Explorer trany slip,solenoid A?

    I have a 2000 explorer 4.0 2wd automatic.A couple weeks ago the o/d light was blinking but everything was fine.Shut the truck off turned back on the light was out,no problem.Well yesturday i was driving and the trany was slipping and i had stopped to back in my driveway and there was no...
  10. A

    Ford Explorer 2005 Transmission Problem

    Hi, I got a O/D flashing and "Check Transmission" message on the panel then it appears the gear is shifting lower (max speed I could go at usual engine speed was only about 40 mph). And the reverse gear is not engaging i.e. when I put the shift in reverse the vehicle does not move. I took the...
  11. T

    Tranny disengages after 10 seconds

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum, and to Explorers for that matter. After spending the last 5 or so hours reading & looking for a solution to my problem, I am both impressed with the wealth of knowledge here, and disappointed that I found no problem like mine. To start at the beginning, I...
  12. D

    2002 Sport Trac Transmission Problems

    Hi , I just bought a 2002 Sport Trac I now find I have transmission problems, however I am probably in a worse jam than most of you , my Explorer is in the Philippines so finding a recon or S/H transmission isnt really a feasable option. I either have to fly in a new or recon box from the USA or...
  13. T

    4R44E Need some advice on a VB rebuild!

    Hey guys, I am re-posting in the CORRECT ;) area of the forum with some updated news on my 4R44E. I've got a '95 Ranger with the 2.3l and 165k on it. Ok so, while driving home form my ladies house a couple of weeks ago, I lost overdrive while going 55 MPH. Pulled over and checked the fluid, good...
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    4R44E Transmission Slipping

    Hey guys! As a new member, I would like to say hello to everyone :) I've been around to some other Ranger forums, but you guys seem to have the most helpful members. My problem is on my '95 Ranger with the 4R44E trans. I've got the blinking OD light and no second gear. The transmission has never...
  15. L

    95 Ex 4x4 Transmission Problem

    Hi! This is my first post and to make it worthy, I am also asking a question to solve a serious problem. My transmission did not shift correctly- it would not shift in a higher gear until I released the gas pedal. Then it shifted into a higher gear. Also, the O/D light was flashing. I spoke to...
  16. J

    My 1999 Ford Explorer isn't downshifting when it goes up hill.

    I have a 1999 Explorer that I bought new. It has an annoying problem that I cannot figure out. When at highway speeds, it refuses to downshift unless I floor it. Sometimes it won't downshift then. This is causing problems when transversing hill on the interstate. I'm afraid I will get run over...
  17. F

    1994 Ford Explorer XLT with an automatic transmission problem.

    I just bought a 500$ 94' explorer xlt with a tranny problem. When its cold it doesnt want to shift past first gear but after it warms up it shifts no problem. Any idea on what it could be or on how to fix it? Some help would be much appreciated! thanks
  18. D

    tranny problem

    i have a 97 xlt 4.0. When doing 60 mph and i let of the gas it makes a horrific noise, but when i get back on the gas it does fine. any ideas
  19. G

    '01 AWD Tranny Issue/ Rolls in Park

    Hello everyone, I searched around a bit, but didn't find much regarding this issue I'm currently having. Stock 2001 AWD Explorer, 122~k miles on it, occasionally won't start in park. I then have to move it over to neutral to start it. On rare occasions, I'll throw it in park and it feels...
  20. D

    94 Auto Trans Issues

    I recently removed the slack from my trottle cable, left a little play in the cable though. Took it for a test drive right after to see what changed and now it doesn't shift from 1st to second until around 3500rmp and will rev high in 1st until I reach a certain speed. But, if I just gun it, it...
  21. E

    Need question answered for 1993 Ford explorer

    Hello. I have an 1993 Ford Explorer, and it starts wonderfully, but when I place it in gear, it jumps off very fast, then shuts off on me. I changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, and then I thought it was my transmission; so I unplugged the torque converter switch. I have an automatic tranny and...
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    1993 Ford Explorer Eddie B. edition Need help please

    Hello. I have an 1993 Ford explorer, and My truck is jerks very hard after I place it in drive, and then it stalls out. I had a mechanic look at it, and they said its my Automatic transmission , and that I need to unplug the torque converter switch.i was told to change the fuel filter and pump...
  23. R

    Ford Expl 2000 V6 SOHC 4R44

    I think my vehicle has the 4R44 transmission and V6 SOHC its a EB 2000 automatic. 100k miles I am trying to determine why there seems to be a lot of transmission slippeage or bogging when accelerating. It seems to be around 2nd gear in the 2200-2800 RPM range. The tachometer keeps...
  24. G

    98 Explorer Sport 4x4. My transmission has the wrong gear settings.

    Howdy everyone. I hope this is the right place for posts... I'm just signed up today. I am having transmission problems. Not sure if I have a 4R or 5R 44/55 E ?? Anyways, I've been having the 2-3 shift lag and slipping for months now and always a delayed reverse, sometimes over 5 seconds but...
  25. S

    Can Trans Fluid Grow?

    Newbie here so speak slowly and use lots of hand gestures. ha ha. Kid drives a 93 Explorer w/ 4.0 6 Cyl, 4x4, AT. From what I can gather the transmission is A4LD which I understand has vacuum modulator. Trans fluid cooler separate from radiator. I have read all the threads about leaks and i...