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  1. W

    A DEAD 4R70W??? Its slipping!!! Do i get a new tranny??

    Hello, I have a 1997 Explorer with the 5.0L and 4R70W tranny. Just lately, my 2nd gear started to slip at top end acceleration, like when i go to pass a car i floor it and it shifts to 2nd and it does nothing but slip around 3600RPM and up. Are my cluth packets worn out and its time for a...
  2. bigredscowboy

    Replacing clutch sometime soon

    1994 Ranger 4.0 4x4 My clutch blew after only two years this time and I think it was the slave (there is fluid everywhere). So now I am going to replace the whole clutch kit by myself, never having tried with Haynes Manual. Any suggestions from those who have done this (best way to drop the...
  3. M

    Transmission issues

    I drive a 91' auto with 171,000 with an AL4D (4 wheel drive). I have 3 problems (but they all may be the same): 1) About 2 months after installing a used transmission my transmission won't shift or something. It will shift late, be at 3000 rpms at 45mph and around 5000rpms at 70. After...
  4. D

    New Problem - Rattle From Drivetrain

    Hey guys, This actually isn't a new problem, but a problem that I've had since my purchase of this 06' EB V8 in December, however it's progressivley gotten worse. It's still under warranty (factory until October 09, and then CPO thereafter) however I have taken it in for this problem already...
  5. B

    How do we fix the A4LD gearbox of a 93 Aerostar?

    Hi, We've got an Aerostar 93 XLT with an explorer 93 V6 4.0 engine build in. The gearbox-stuff is an A4LD with an E-4WD. The car drives backwards without a problem, but when we go forwards, it drives for maybe 10-15 metres and than stops. If we wait about 20 seconds and then drive forwards...
  6. A

    Transmission Q

    I got this 1992 ford explorer two years ago from an uncle of mine who had no problems with the transmission. Im pretty sure he had said someone had done some work to it at some point as well.... During the first year that I had it, the transmission would shift up into what I believe is 5th...
  7. A

    Won't shift. Please help!

    Hello everyone. I am extremely new here (approx 1 hour) but the reason i joined is due to a problem i had tonight with my explorer. I have been to this site many many times before seeking information and i have found what i am looking for every time, until now. :( Here's the problem...
  8. T

    Transmission has vibration when shifting into higher Gears

    I have a 1998 5.0 AWD Explorer with a transmission vibration in the higher gears. I dont have a clue what it could be. Could anyone shed light on it? Thanks :exporange:salute:
  9. 1

    Front Diff/Transfer Case/4x4 Problems

    I am still new to this forum, but am looking for some insight. I have searched up and down and the answer seems to be the Transfer Case. But just wanted to post and get some feedback. The front end of my 1996 4.0L Explorer binds and pops very loud when in 4 wheel drive high while turning (esp...
  10. L

    Just wanted to check in and say hello

    I hope and am looking forward to being able to learn a few new things from this site.
  11. J

    Please Help - Transmission or AWD problems

    I have an '04 Explorer XLT AWD V6 with 43K miles on it. I bought it from Carmax with 21K miles on it just over a year ago. It has always had an annoying problem. From time to time it seems to get stuck in a rut. I always assume it's a transmission problem. While on the highway it seems to...
  12. C

    2001-2003 Sport Trac transmission

    I am looking at buying a '01-'03 Sport Trac 4x4 but I've heard there are some pretty major problems with the tramsmission and 4x4 systems. Does anyone have any info, advice, recommendations, etc..?
  13. S

    Transmission failure to fully engage

    My 2002 Explorer has almost 90,000 miles on it and the transmission seems like it does not want to fully engage. when i shift into reverse, the car will slowly backup then lurch into gear. The same thing happens when i shift into Drive. It goes from idle to about 12mph then fully engages in...
  14. W

    1997 Explorer 5.0L, General questions - should I be concerned?

    Hello all, I have a 1997 5.0L with 207,000 miles. I have just a couple questions that I need help with. First off, how long should it take for the tranny to engage into Drive from "P"? It take mine about a second to engage ( sometimes a little less - sometimes it engages immediatly ). Is this...
  15. 9

    few issues...Any help appreciated

    I have the ohv and ive had this issue for a while now. when i apply anymore than 3/4 throttle the floor/pedal/shifter vibrates. not too too bad but very noticeable driving. Could it be the tranny?? its a the 5 speed manual. Ive never changed the fluid....spark plugs have also never been changed...
  16. M

    2001 Sport Trac Trans Problem

    Would anyone know how to correct or what would be causing my transmission to be showing it is in drive but really be in neutral? Actually it appears that the indicator on the instrument panel has shifted over and all of the gears are one off from what they should be. Is this a problem with the...
  17. G

    weird auto transmission problem

    I have a '97 Explorer (70.000 miles) that untill now never suffered any problems. During a long trip after about 300 miles in cruise control on the highway, going downhill when the car was breaking on the engine, suddenly the auto transmission made a terrible noise as if it was running without...
  18. D

    '95 4x4 XLT Control Trac Explorer Transfer Case Problem

    I was just driving my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4wd When all of a sudden I let off the gas while going down a hill and it started making this strange, annoying and loud grinding squeal. When I push the accelerator it goes away. I've been having problems with my Overdrive lately too. The O/D off...
  19. AODE/4R70W and E4OD transmission pin outs with manual position sensor.

    AODE/4R70W and E4OD transmission pin outs with manual position sensor.

  20. Transmission cooler line

    Transmission cooler line

    1st Gen transmission cooler lines are heavily rusted.