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    03' Explorer Alignment Issues Ongoing for over a year

    Hey all, This is for a 2003 ford explorer xlt 4.0 awd I've had my vehicle to an alignment shop twice in the past year for tire wear issues. I've noticed outer wear on the front passenger side tire, then after the second alignment the driver side now has outer wear as well. So I finally took...
  2. M

    What would cause outer tire tread to wear faster than inner?

    Hi all, I've had my tires for about a year now, as I remember I got them for winter last year. They cost me around $800 and still have plenty of life on them. However I've been noticing that the outer tread appears to be wearing much faster than the middle and inner tread. What are the...
  3. R

    Tread Depth Causing 4WD to Engage?

    2004 Explorer is in the shop now. 4WD light comes on and when the steering wheel is turned the truck feels like it will not make the turn as if a wheel is going to fall off. Mechanic called and ONE tire has a better tread depth than the other three which is the reason the 4WD light is coming...
  4. V

    Need new tires. Suggestions????

    I have a 2010 Explorer Limited 2WD and never go off road. Just want a good highway tire with long life. 255/50R/20. Any suggestions??? Every tire store I call recommends something different.:(
  5. M

    Spare tire-What would you do?

    Ok. So I was cleaning dirt and sand out from under the rear bumper and noticed the spare tire was the original made 3202. (32nd week of 2002) I've have 2 options to replace this in fear of it completly shedding in half if I ever need it. I currently am running NEW 255/70R/16's. Option 1-I have a...
  6. S


    My explorer will be a project in the making but i need some tires that can take a beating on and offroad to cope with till i start cashing some checks an breaking necks lol. So i Have 15" rims gimme an easy to get tire that will last 50,000 miles and are all-terrains that arnt to big but big...
  7. Fifth Tire Tread

    Fifth Tire Tread

    Fifth Tire Tread
  8. Fourth Tire Tread

    Fourth Tire Tread

    Fourth Tire Tread
  9. Third Tire Tread

    Third Tire Tread

    Third Tire Tread
  10. Second Tire Tread

    Second Tire Tread

    Second Tire Tread
  11. First Tire Tread

    First Tire Tread

    First Tire Tread
  12. Tread


    Tread on my new tires, not too bad