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trim panel

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    2013 Explorer Sport literally falling apart! (photos posted)

    Well I am the proud owner of a 2013 Explorer Sport. The truck is a ton of fun and I wouldn't want to drive anything else. I was on the highway yesterday coming home from some last minute shopping. While on the highway I heard something that sounded similar to a flapping. I was getting ready...
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    Completely Remove Trim?

    Can anyone point me to a thread that goes through the steps of removing all the trimming from the ex? Searched to no avail. I have trimming on bumpers, fenders, quarters and all doors. I might be buying a parts explorer in the next month and will be taking off bumpers, doors, hood, etc. The...
  3. C

    Price of painting exterior trim?

    So I have a 2008 red Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer And I'm thinking about changing the color of the trim to black. How much would it cost to have the trim painted black? Also I want to make the door handles black, what is the best option for that?
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    How to: Remove Gen II interior panels

    Figured we needed up a writeup... Front doors: Remove the trim caps from around the door handles (makes it easier to remove the panel from around the handles) Remove the (2) phillips screws from behind the door pull Pry panel away from the truck to release the push-in connectors from...