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trouble codes

  1. K

    Trouble codes

    Hi, my 2008 explorer XLT as two codes on the Audio Control Module as shown in the screenshotare these codes related to each other or separate issues? And what's causing them? I know that my CD changer every couple minutes will make motor sounds, like its swapping discs or ejecting them?
  2. T

    91 ex trouble code help

    So after rebuild and install I'm pulling two codes 67 and 85. I'm not the dumbest person here but was wondering if there were any common issues with these codes. I'm pretty sure I need the new purge solenoid but the other one I don't understand, neutral safety switch maybe? Any help from you...
  3. T

    1993 explorer 4.0L trouble codes help

    I have the trouble codes 111 for key on engine off. Then the codes after are 117, 21, 81, & 189. Then with engine on it gives me 172 and 136. The 111 is system ok which leads me to the others which are ECT sensor low/grounded; ECT sensor out of range; boost control OR AIRD solenoid; and fuel...
  4. C

    Canister Vent Valve Solenoid

    I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and I have a trouble code that's causing my check engine light to come on. I work at Autozone so i got it checked out and it was 2 different codes which are P0455 and P1450. Well both of them had the probable causing being the Canister/Purge Vent Valve...
  5. I

    EGR Trouble Codes for 94 Explorer

    I bought a used 94 Explorer about 6 weeks ago from a "not so honest" person. My fault totally for letting my guard down. Anyways, I ran the codes with a jumper wire & I took care of a few of them but I got 335 EGR -Feedback signal is/was out of range - EVR or PFE, 332 EGR - did not open/respond...
  6. K

    Need some help

    I have a explorer sport 97 sohc with 160000 miles. I'm experiencing a rough idle and is throwing two cel codes p0153 and p1504 I have replaced both tge iac and o2 sensor. I have checked for vaccum leaks and have found none. Cleaned maf, throttle body, new iac, tps. I have ran out of ideas. Any...
  7. S

    is my pcm bad?

    i ran some trouble codes on my 1992 explorer and i got a code 513,114 and 116, i looked up a 513 and it says pcm internal voltage failure does that mean i need a new one? and also my explorers fuel injectors seems to be putting out a rich mixture of fuel. i pulled all spark plugs and checked...
  8. L

    94 XLt with multiple engine codes

    Hello guys I just recently purchased a 94 x as a project and I want to get the engine dialed in before any modification take place. I have the following codes showing up with my code scanner: 114 O 332 C 341 O 566 O 629 O 10 Just wondering what you guys think about these before I...
  9. BigRondo

    Ford Motor Company Group Diagnostic Trouble Codes

    Stumbled on this while searching Google for codes. Don't know if has already been posted: Ford Motor Company Group Diagnostic Trouble Codes