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    New member. Own three 2002 explorers. 2xlt 1 Eddie Bauer

    One is a daily. The other xlt is damaged from an accident in the wheel well and the Eddie Bauer has transmission problems. Making one good truck from the two extras.
  2. M

    Engine/motor blown, new engine or new car?

    Hi everyone! I'm sad today... Own a 1992 Ford Explorer 2WD for almost 2 years now. I love(d) it. I've taken the best care of it that I possibly can. I've been on Explorer Forum since day 1 learning new things and taking on new jobs. The truck has been so good to me. I will say that it is...
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    My muffler rusted out on my way to work, and when I went to wire it up I got dripped on by something. I got home and went to leave again, and notices a HUGE puddle of tranny fluid from the underneath of the passenger side. I watched the fluid pour (small stream) out of the pipe thing... Idk what...
  4. D

    What truck should I buy?

    Well, I'm back after being gone for about a year. After the Exploder.. exploded, I went off and bought 2 cars. And of course, I want a truck again. What should I get? I'm currently looking at the following: 2001-2004ish Expeditions (4.6 and 5.4, heard the 5.4 is crap and heard it's amazing..)...
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    List of How To's - Audio Forum

    General Guides: How to: Change Speakers; Most Models; Lots of Pictures How to: Wire Factory Subwoofer to an Aftermarket Radio How to: Remove a Stuck Cassette Tape From Radio (Pictures and Video) How to: 2011+ (5th Generation) Audio Upgrades How to: Replace Defective Audiophile CD Changer...
  6. B

    Hello Everyone, Explorer build front to back, few questions.

    Let me start by saying hello to everyone. I have been coming here often after acquiring my '93 Explorer Sport, and now have some questions to hopefully be answered. I have searched all these things individually, but not finding the answers that pertain to my certain application. First of all...
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    Hello Everyone. I am a retired military pilot trying to prep my new "LuvShack" 1999 Fleetwood Bounder 38S for my cross country travels. I dream of the salmon runs in Alaska and have never seen the grand canyon. I have a beautiful blue 2002 Explorer Sport Trac 4x4 and my "Sanctuary" a 24ft...
  8. W

    1997 ford explorer issue HELP!!!!

    hi my name is stacey i have always been a ford owner most times i can work on some of the stuff my self this time is not the time lol. about a week ago my truck started making a kinda loud thump in the front by the driver side tire normally when i turn right or make a sharp turn. this morning...
  9. N

    Bed Liner n Back

    Hi, has anyone had the idea of tearing out the carpet in the back of a 2000 XLT and replacing it with a type of truck bed liner? Rhino liner or line-x come to mind. Also covering the back of the rear seats so that when they are folded down, they have the liner on it all they way of to the front...
  10. C

    CyBer's CB Lingo Thread

    Ever been heading to/from the trails and you turn on your CB Radio to 19 to listen to the Truckers and wondered what the heck there were talking about? Well here your chance to get "CB Trucker Talk" deciphered by me or other members of the board. And also try to answer questions about CB radio...
  11. DCFC0094


  12. The real Beast

    The real Beast

  13. Fire Truck????

    Fire Truck????

    Still going strong serving it's fire department in Poland
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