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    3Bar Map sensor part number

    With these sensors being unreasonable over priced, I came across that NTK makes these sensors thats sold on rockauto for fairly cheap ( 2016 FORD EXPLORER 3.5L V6 Turbocharged Turbocharger Boost Sensor | RockAuto ) It says that it is a turbo boost sensor but on the official NTK website it is...
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    1994 4.0 explorer ecu tune

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I need some help looking for a good tune for my 4.0. I’m trying to get some easy horsepower out of my 94 explorer. I already have a bigger throttle body and cold air intake. Anyone know a good place where I can get a tune to get some hidden horsepower...
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    Well dang! It happened.

    So I was gone for a bit, the wife got a recall letter for my ol' 2013 interceptor, thought she was going to do me a favor and took it in... Dealership took all my fun away, re-tuned, changed out my heavy duty equipment and Neutered it. Runs like a Limp noodle now... Anyone know what the...
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    2013 PIU Modification Questions

    I bought a 2013 PIU with about 85,000 miles on the car, and a new engine at around 25,000 miles just under a year ago and my main goal is to try and make it look as much like a civilian explorer as possible and to add as many features possible. I got it with a carpeted interior without the hand...
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    Factory 93 Octaine Tune?

    I talked to someone at my dealer about getting and airraid CI, Borla exhaust, and a 93 oct tuner. I wanted to go with factory tune to not void the warranty. My question is I have done a lot of research on tuners like Livernois and I cant find a ford factory tune for the explorer sport anywhere...
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    Should I supercharge or turbocharge?

    I'm no car guy, I'm into the appearance of a car, but at the same time the performance. I don't know much about engines. I know though, that supercharging and turbocharging gives more power(?). I am considering one of those options on my 04' XLS Base model. I would like more power, a better...
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    SCT tuner help

    a while back i purchased an SCT x4 for my 04 4.0 to help correct the speedo and pull some extra power out of my v6. low and behold i just went to get a tune from henson performance but they have closed up shop??? does anyone else make custom tunes on the forum for our explorers? or am i SOL...
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    New to me 2010 Mountaineer AWD V8

    Hi Started here as with a 1991 Explorer 4.0L 4x4 a few years ago. Now - i have had a 2010 Mercury Mountaineer Premier AWD 4.6L for an entire 3 days... Just purchased today: Gibson 319692 exhaust TRAXX Front and back lift Superchips 1842 K&N filter Double Plat Autolite Cooper...
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    Superchips Programmer-4.0 V6

    I am thinking about getting a SuperChips Programmer for my 4L V6 Sport Trac. Has anyone used a programmer for their explorer? This is the Superchips programmer i am thinking about https://superchips.com/products/ford-flashpaq-1842-1842/ :burnout: Features: Performance Tests Speedometer...
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    Spark Plugs

    I want to change my spark plugs on my Explorer. Took them out and they were black. What kind of spark plugs should I get?
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    2000 Explorer 4.0 SOHC spark plug gap

    I have a 2000 Explorer XT with Yamaha 4.0L SOHC. Since purchase, I have modified the exhaust-- MaxFlow Muffler with 2 1/2" pipe from the muffler aft. I also added K&N filter for max inflow. Performance in terms of mpg and acceleration were vastly improved. Earlier in its mileage, I would get...
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    4.0 sohc tranny options?

    im sure this has been brought up many of times but i cant seem to find anything on it... what transmissions work with the 4.0 sohc i want to switch to a 5speed instead of my 5r55e i have a 5 speed out of a bronco at my house will that work? also this is going to be a build thread here in the...
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    Sct SF3 Tuner custom tune

    I recently bought a SF3 tuner and downloaded it to my explorer and I feel that it made a good difference. I have read where people have gotten custom tunes and seen an even better gain in horsepower and torque. I would like to know if a custom tune would actually make a bigger difference than...
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    SCT custom tunes.

    Hey guys. Im new to the site but im wondering how much power i can get out of a custom tune on an SCT x3. I dont have the tuner yet but am debating on buying it
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    Looking For A Mail Order Tune..

    Ive looked around the forums and could not find anything on this so if there is a topic on this plzz redirect me. im looking for a Mail Order Tune and Chip for my explorer if anyone knows were i could find one for a 2004 Explorer 4.6 sohc. that would be great thanks..