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turbo explorer

  1. B

    2014 Explorer Sport. Loud POP, then loss of power.

    Tuesday while accelerating fairly well, I heard a loud POP sound, and I immediately let off the gas, turned the radio down and listened for more noise. I wasn't sure if it was the road, but looking back, it definitely came from under the hood. I didn't hear any loud noises after the first one...
  2. Dono

    Turbo on 2000 Limited 5.0

    Well guys, I don't even have it yet and I'm looking at going turbo. I think I'll be going STS style with the turbo underneath the the body. I'm hoping I can find room somewhere closer to the front to mount it. If not, I may just go classic style and cut the muffler out and install the turbo...
  3. L

    Turbo Explorer @ Lowes MotorSpeedway

    here are some videos of my 98 Turbo Explore Sport that I made today :) :0 :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAwbjXsrqmc<- Rated R for language. :)