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    Rough Driving

    Hi everyone i have an Explorer 2010 with 150k miles on it the car drives fine most of the time but sometimes it does a weird thing when it starts kinda shaking for example last time i went on a road trip and the road was generally a slight uphill road but at some point there is a long uphill...
  2. A

    Burning Smell After Steep Incline

    Today I drove a 180 mile trip in my Gen 2 Explorer. They last stretch was somewhat curve up hill roads. Constant 2500 rpm uphill, pretty much. When we got to our cabin there was a burning smell and some slight smoking according to my family members. I could smell it but didn't see any smoke. One...
  3. R

    Cruise Control Issue

    I have a '16 Sport with going on 8500 miles on it now. I just recently took a drive into the mountains over the weekend and ran into an issue w/ my cruise control. I set my cruise for 73mph and for the most part had no issues... during a span of about 5 miles though my cruise control let off...
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    Inside left tire spinning

    Ok I want to try to understand a recent offroading situation that i got into and how i could have gotten out of it easier. Vehicle: Stock 2000 EB SOHC, 2" TT, AWD assume a Viscous Coupling 4405 I think. 100k mileage Background: Went 4x4 on a very rainy weekend with lots of slick mud and had to...