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  1. 2

    Upper Intake Torque Specifications for OHV?

    I need to replace my upper intake gaskets that are leaking. I looked in my old Haynes manual and these are the torque specs. They seem kind of low with the upper intake nuts torqued to 12 ft lbs. While the studs to the block are torqued to just 84 inch lbs which is 7 ft lbs. The other torque...
  2. D

    Control Arm Installation (Important Information)

    Hey guys, This is a big mistake that I learned about when I was doing the control arms on my truck so I wanted to share and hopefully educate people so they dont make the same mistake. Changing out a control arm is easy so dont mess up the job by tightening the control arm with the wheel...
  3. G

    BTF upper control arms

    hey guys, Im looking to buy some btf upper arms for a 3rd gen mounty. I have driven around long enough with a lift and the stock control arms. I am just starting to get worried but the price from Brandon is a little steep (575) if any members have taken off their lift are trying to sell the...
  4. Suicide77

    Threading the Coil - Upper Coil Bucket Qestion

    I've never installed coils before and would like advice on how far to thread the upper end of the coil into the bucket. 90 degrees past the tab? 180? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  5. B

    simple upper intake gasket question??

    im working on an 96 4.0 OHV. I bought a valve cover gasket kit, and it came with 1. valve cover gaskets 2. 3- O-rings for the upper intake 3. 2- paper gaskets that look like they fit between the upper and lower intake... when i disassembled the truck.. there was no gasket between the...
  6. Mark the upper hole.

    Mark the upper hole.

  7. Comparison of the upper blade guard.

    Comparison of the upper blade guard.

    This is for a cordless trim saw.
  8. The upper holes are drilled.

    The upper holes are drilled.

  9. F

    upper to lower intake problem

    i bought a set of 95tm heads off of a 96 explorer v6. I thought it was a direct bolt in but there seems to be a problem with the ports that connect from the bottom of the lower intake to the heads. The ports on the heads are rectangular and on the intake there a wierd shape because a bolt seems...
  10. Removing the upper screw

    Removing the upper screw

  11. N

    Replacing Upper Gaskets Help & Tips

    Hey guys, I'm looking at the task of replacing my upper and lower intake manifold gaskets, head gaskets, valve cover gaskets and any others that come with a gasket kit. Also looking at a thorough cleaning of my injectors and replacing orings and such. I am just looking for some tips and...
  12. Intake cleanup.

    Intake cleanup.

    Trying to make the outside of the upper intake look as good as the deburred and gasket matched inside.