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using oil

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    4.0 OHV Just Began Using Oil.

    I've got a '99 explorer with the 4.0 OHV engine with 252,000 miles. Until I checked the oil two days ago, I've never seen it use any oil. I changed the oil at 250,000, and most of the miles since have been highway. Is there anything that I can do to help it? It's not bad, but if there's anything...
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    engine use alot of oil 2qt 300 miles

    I have a 1991 Explorer 4X4 all standard. The truck started using oil alot lately. About 1.5 - 2 qts to a tank full (300miles). I'm using 20w-50 oil. The engine doesn't smoke, but you can smell it sitting at idle. I didn't think there is any new links. I have replaced the valve cover gaskets and...