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v6 4.0l sohc

  1. J

    shaking when idol and over 60mph

    Hi I'm Jennifer and I am the only owner of my 2007 Ford Explorer. It's my fourth Explorer and the only one I purchased after a lease. The last two years I've replaced quite a bit yet it still has original motor and transmission. I know I'm living on borrowed time with the trans because it...
  2. M

    Banks 1 and 2 Lean

    Hey Everyone, It's been a while since I was able to post on this forum, but I hope everyone is well. I know that this is a topic that has been discussed at length, and I've done a ton of research on the matter but have come up with nothing that worked in my case, thus far. Basically I have a...
  3. T

    New Explorer Owner.

    Hey everyone! New to the Ford Explorer I got sitting outside and this site. Hope I can share the progress with you guys!
  4. T

    Replacing rusted out rockers with bolt on pair

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLT that has both rockers rusted out. Anyone got videos or tips and good parts to replace with.
  5. P

    4.0 Timing Chain trouble, possible replacement engines?

    Well, the timing chains in my v6 flex fuel SOHC finally broke, or slipped, after 210,000 miles. Either way, the engine's done for. I'm having a shop install an engine from a junkyard, or possibly even a Jasper reman engine, if I can find the money. What cars would have an engine that would fit...
  6. P

    2003 V6 4.0 Tick, sounds better after warm up

    I have a 2003 XLT 4.0 SOHC V6 with 210,386 miles on it. The engine starts up great but makes a loud ticking sound. I'm assuming it's the hydraulic lifters and that they are gunked up. The sound usually gets quieter when the engine is warmed up, leading me to believe that it is quieting down...
  7. W

    What Sensor(s) should I change? 2010 Eddie Bauer Edition V6 4WD

    Codes: P0135 P0141 P0155 P0161 P0403 P0443 P0645 I need to know: How many O2 sensors? How many upstream? How many downstream? What sensor should be replaced first based on above codes? What needs to be changed for a/c clutch relay? There is no gas cap on the car so EVAP code is odd unless...
  8. R

    Suspension lift vs. Body lift

    I want to put a lift on my 1998 V6 XLT, mainly because I think the stock height is dorky looking, but also because I would like to be able to off road to go shooting without messing up my under carriage. I'm leaning towards suspension lift, but I know some people who have suspension and body...
  9. J

    2002 ford explorer. Eddie Bauer edition

    Hey yall my explorer. Had a over heating problem I ended up replacing the entire thermostat housing system. Now I'm having an issue with rpms and overall low power issues. I'm thinking possibly clogged cat converter but looking for some insight.
  10. H

    03 Explorer is glitching out!!

    My Explorer has been acting weird. It's driving fine no slippage or any of that. But the tranny light comes on it's full of fluid and there's nothing wrong with it. My air bag light flashes. There's an annoying beep that goes on for what seems like a minute that it started doing a little bit...
  11. V

    How hard is it to drop the TC and split it so...

    I'm new to the forum and I have a problem. My 1997 Explorer XLT, V6 4.0L SOHC 4x4 just rolled over to 200k miles. Last week I was under my rig and saw transfer case fluid on the gas tank and above the driveshaft and output shaft. I was thinking the rear output seal was shot and so I took it to...