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vacuum line

  1. D

    05 Explorer 4.6 V8- Where does this line go?

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6l v8. 230,000 miles. I replaced the intake manifold this weekend and as I was putting everything back together, I have a gray wire that comes out of the passenger side firewall along with another shielded line that , The line in question is gray and has a...
  2. D

    1st gen ford explorer, disconnected vacuum lines

    Troubled explorer on my folks property, used to be mine. Started it but had to hold the gas to drive it for a few blocks and there was a loud hiss. Trouble idling. Opened the hood and what do you know, disconnected vacuum lines. Someone ( or something?) removed the vacuum lines on the ford...
  3. J

    98 Explorer AC Blows Hot, even when off.

    1998 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L. So this issue has a little back story that may be relevant. At one point the AC was working great, ice cold air all the time, then one day it started blowing hot air. I switched the modes around and got hot air on every switch setting except for MAX AC. Running the...
  4. J

    Unidentified vacuum line

    I have a 2000 explorer Limited, 5.0 L 8 Cyl, engine code P. I been getting radon misses and found my wires were shot. When replacing the wires, I discovered that a vacuum line appears to have melted- problem is I can only locate one half of the equation. I'm sure I'm just over looking it. can...
  5. astaroth

    Oil in vacuum line

    Hi all! I noticed a oil in my vacuum line, could it be the transmissions modular or maybe should i look something more? Marek
  6. Sedition

    Black Air Vent Vacuum line... blockage??

    Hi all, My air vents are stuck on "defrost" mode no matter what the selector is set to. So I need some advice reguarding the thin hard plastic vacuum line that runs from the "ball accumulator" into the fire wall and then on to the airvent actuator. It appears that there is a blockage in the...
  7. 9

    Q: FPR & Vacuum

    Is the FPR suppose to have a single vacuum line coming off of it that splits into two before the tree and thus has two lines connected to the tree? Seems like that would double the vacuum pressure or is the FPR suppose to run off that? Thank you for your time! :thumbsup:
  8. J

    1997 Explorer v6 4.0 SOHC Mysterious Vacuum line...?

    I just bought a 97 explorer and when i had removed the passenger side splash guard to get to the spark plugs on that side of the engine to clean them and a vacuum line fell down and was corked with a wood screw. i have NO idea where it goes, and if relevant the A/C doesnt work and the clutch...
  9. M

    heater control valve vacuumm line

    i changed my heater core, and after i was done i noticed that the vacuum line on top of the heater control valve on the hot water lines isn't connected at the firewall area. i can't find the other end of the vacuum line to reattach. all i have found on here is people saying to connect to the ac...
  10. R

    A/C vacuum line 2001 explorer

    Does anyone know where the ac vacuum lines hook under the hood of an '01 explorer. I found two lines that come from the bottom of the air box inside the vehicle and run through the firewall on the passenger side. One line goes to the the vacuum ball in the from right fender area and the other...