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  1. Themightyquinn

    Help with vaccum line routing on my 92 XLT 4.0

    I have two broken lines and only one line that is hanging freely. there are six rubber elbow fittings sticking out of the part that sticks out of the intake manifold. I know the one that goes to the transmission and the one that goes to the brake booster. But I don't know what the other lines...
  2. S

    Troubleshooting acceleration/hp/mileage issue

    So I've searched the threads on here for days and decided to break down and start a new one to answer my problems. First I will list my symptoms with my '99 Ex Sport, OHV. ~150k miles 1. Terrible mileage, about 13 mpg 2. Starting takes a hair longer after she sits for a couple days than when I...
  3. P

    2002 Explorer FIRE! Wires burned. Help!

    My timing chain broke and in an effort to see which or if my cam shafts are spinning I cranked the engine without valve covers. I had the fuel pump disabled as well as the spark plug lines, but something sparked and set that insulating foam b/w the upper intake and the motor on fire. Some things...
  4. I

    Fuel Pressure Regulator operating correctly?

    I'm hoping to get some input regarding the function of the vacuum line on the back of the FPR. I am having a problem with performance in that my truck will intermitantly bog down (happens more often when it is hot) and it will also backfire "cough" when I mash the accelerator at a stop...
  5. J

    It has reverse but won't shift into drive.

    I have a '94 explorer 4wd auto trans. It will shift into reverse or park with only a slight 4sec delay but OD, D, 2, and 1 give it a 90sec to never delay on the shift. Once in gear It shifts just smooth between 1, 2, 3, etc.... It has ATF and I changed the trans vacuum modulator. I think it...
  6. F

    Vacuum diagram 4.0L 1997

    I'm posting this as I believe that it might be helpful to others. :D I still haven't found my vacuum leak
  7. C

    need to know vacuum routing

    have the v6 4.0L SOHC engine-new crate engine in fact-but am missing a vacuum hook-up-the diagram on the hood doesn't show all the lines-have four lines from cental pcv valve, two go to EGR module, one set back to the fule pump/canister but one just hanging currently-anyone know where I can find...
  8. R

    96 XLT 4.0L Missing vacuum connection

    I've had my 96XLT since 02 and it is my daily drive. Last week the air stopped blowing inside and I looked under the hood and there were 3 vacuum control lines that were not connected. I assume something fell off but I can't find any pictures or diagrams to tell me how to connect the lines. One...
  9. K

    95 Max air fades as engine runs faster

    95, 4-cyl, 2.3L engine with factory air. Had this truck for about 8 years.The AC used to get so cold you could hang meat in the cab. This year the AC has lost a lot of it's cooling power. Freon has been checked and added a bit to place it just on the higher half of the normal zone. The big...
  10. An old compressor is used as a vacuum pump.

    An old compressor is used as a vacuum pump.

  11. C

    Fuel Injection Vacuum Line - Extra line

    I had a replacement motor put in by a local mechanic but after picking it up I noticed that my wiper fluid warning was appearing. I checked and noticed that one of the lines was hooked up to the wiper fluid hose! I disconnected it and hooked up the wiper fluid hose where it was supposed to...
  12. T

    vacuum line help

    ok here's my issue, in the course of tuneing up and working on the engine, i've broken many vaccume lines, so many that i dont know where everything is anymore, i do know that they would go to the vacuum tree, anyways the only thing's i have hooked up to the tree are the break and cruise, and...
  13. C

    98 ranger 4x4 auto locking hub problem

    I have a 98 ranger 4x4 that would'nt go into 4wd, the light on the dash would come on and the motor on the transfer case was working properly but the hubs wont engage. Iknow that they are operated using a vacuum so i checked for leaks in hoses and checked to see if i was getting vacuum from the...