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valve cover gasket

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    2.3L Ecoboost Valve Cover Gasket

    I've been searching and searching all over but cannot find the answer. I need to replace the valve cover gasket on my 2017 Explorer with the 2.3L Ecoboost i4 engine. The actual gasket replacement seems very straightforward - however, there are a couple of pipes running overtop of the area...
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    2002 4.0 SOHC Intake Manifold Sound Deadening Insert

    I am in the process of removing and replacing the intake manifold and valve cover gaskets on my 2002 Explorer XLS 4.0 V6. In order to clean the area under the intake manifold I have to remove the disintegrated foam insert installed at the factory. I was not planning on replacing the insert...
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    Valve cover replace. Any other things to get done?

    I will be replacing my valve cover gaskets as they are leaking. I am also cleaning injectors and replacing all intake gaskets. Is there anything else i should consider while valve covers are off? It's a 4.0 OHV with 140k miles (previous owners let it sit for years. I've replaced almost every...
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    Replacing valve cover gasket

    My 4.0 OHV has a leaking valve cover gasket and while its all torn apart replacing that, is there anything worth replacing while Im at it? Im sitting at 184k miles currently and the only other engine problem possibly is a tick, some times almost slapping sound that comes and goes. Id assume that...
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    Quick Question Post

    Hey guys I've briefly done some search on this topic, but I'm not finding any posts with direct answers. So. I believe I've got a valve cover leak and plan to fix that coming soon and would like to make sure it doesn't leak again anytime soon. I don't have the valve cover torque spreaders, are...
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    HELP! Big coolant and idle issue

    Hey guys, Blake here. SO here's the new issue with the Exploder. For some apparent reason, I am losing coolant all the time, but it's not usually in the ground, it's on the underside of the engine. I'm talking like a gallon every other day. I just recently installed my 3rd thermostat...
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    Post valve cover repair codes

    I recently repaired the valve cover gaskets. I got it all back together and .... P0201 - Fuel injector circuit condition - #1 P0205 - Fuel injector circuit condition - #5 P0171 - Fuel trim bank 1 / Bank 1 lean (probably a child code related to above) Has anyone seen this issue before? I...