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valve cover

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    2.3L Ecoboost Valve Cover Gasket

    I've been searching and searching all over but cannot find the answer. I need to replace the valve cover gasket on my 2017 Explorer with the 2.3L Ecoboost i4 engine. The actual gasket replacement seems very straightforward - however, there are a couple of pipes running overtop of the area...
  2. R

    VCT (variable cam timing) seals leaking - 2013 PIU

    2013 PIU, 94K, well maintained. Synthetic oil. I had planned on doing my plugs and PCV before winter, so since the manifold is off, why not address my VCT seal leak too. Also called a VVT (variable valve timing) it seems. Also, since I have the valve cover off, is there any advantage to...
  3. S

    Help Please! Valve cover wont come off

    I cant get passenger side valve cover off due to clearance issues. There is a EGR tube on top of it that is blocking it. my Haynes manual says to remove throttle cables but, this EGR tube will still be in the way. Im trying to get cover off to diagnose engine knock coming from there. Can I cut...
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    Lean code, Random Multiple Misfires

    Hi all...Im helping repair my sister-n-law's 2006 Explorer XLT 4.0 sohc v6. Its got "running lean" code and "random multiple misfire" code. Ive replaced the ignition "coil/box", intake o-rings, fuel filter, plugs and wires. It starts up just fine (when cold), then upon warming up, starts...
  5. J

    Leaking Valve Cover Gaskets - Remove Intake Manifold? 2006 4.0L

    Valve Cover Leak, Intake Manifold, Oil Leak.... Looking for advice here. I need to replace both side valve cover gaskets on my daughter's 2006 Explorer 4.0L 4WD. Is it necessary or advised to remove the intake manifold in order to remove the valve covers for valve cover gasket replacement...
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    Quick Question Post

    Hey guys I've briefly done some search on this topic, but I'm not finding any posts with direct answers. So. I believe I've got a valve cover leak and plan to fix that coming soon and would like to make sure it doesn't leak again anytime soon. I don't have the valve cover torque spreaders, are...
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    Need Hose for valve cover

    The hose that comes off of my valve cover and connects to my air intake is occasionally slipping off, I've secured it with clamps. I've been unable to find the part online for replacement so I was wondering if anyone knows what the part name/ part number is? Could this be the cause of an oil...
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    Left (Driver) Side Valve Cover Replacement Help

    Hi all, 2003 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC V6 Right now my left side valve cover gasket is seeping oil. I heard this can leak onto the exhaust manifold and cause a fire so replacing this is fairly urgent to me. Also, the fitting that the PCV valve screws into appears to not have any...
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    PCV Valve

    So I noticed a lot of oil moisture around the valve covers of my 2003 ford explorer 4.0l. It seemed like it was coming from the rear of the engine so I checked the PCV valve. Sure enough the thing popped right out without twisting it. I removed the hose that runs up to the intake manifold and...
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    Searching for usable Tall Valve Covers 5.0

    Hey everyone, Been busy so I haven't been on the forums much. But I'm looking for anyone that would know what are some decent valve covers for GT-40p heads with aftermarket rockers. I have 1.65 Scorpion rockers with a .560'' lift cam so the stockers won't fit. I have old F-150 covers now...
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    valve cover gasket question

    im going to be replacing my valve cover gaskets (oil leaking...) and i know ill need to take off the intake plenum to get the things off (thankyou ford engineers for making things difficult.). heres the problem - oreilly, autozone, napa, etc - when i look up valve cover gaskets the pictures show...